Senate backs bill to label genetically modified food

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate has approved legislation that for the first time would require food packages nationwide to carry labels listing genetically modified ingredients.

Thursday’s vote was 63-30 for the bipartisan measure. The measure’s fate is uncertain in the House, which has voted to make the labeling voluntary.  

The Senate bill would require foods with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, to carry any of three types of labeling: words, a symbol or an electronic code readable by smartphone.

Advocates for labeling and the food industry have wanted to find a national solution to avoid a state-by-state patchwork of laws.

The food industry supports the Senate bill. Many labeling proponents say the labels should be easily readable by consumers without a smartphone and complain that the measure lacks penalties for not complying.

7 thoughts on “Senate backs bill to label genetically modified food

  1. Nobody wants to eat genetically modified food, and they’re already illegal in many countries.

    Does that stop American food companies from trying to stuff that crap down your throat?

    NO…the American people are idiots, and congress is a gang of cheap whores. Just re-name it, hide it, and force it down their throats, because all they care about is the new TV show.

    If Monsanto tells congress to pass a law requiring them to eat cow shit for breakfast everyday, they’ll bitch and moan for about a week, and then they’ll shovel it into their mouths, while they see what’s on TV.

  2. GMO foods, think of the ever common & popular corn, produce glyphosate [basically Roundup] to kill weeds.

  3. From what I’ve read this bill has a LOT of loopholes that allow the companies to label SOME stuff as GMO and not other stuff. As usual, it’s convoluted and designed to help big agri and not protect the sheep.

  4. “… would require food packages nationwide to carry labels listing genetically modified ingredients.”

    How many sheeple actually READ those labels.

    Maybe a better question is… how many sheeple actually CAN read… labels or otherwise.

  5. We can save a lot of contention and money if we just put a skull and cross bones label on every product.
    That says…
    Drum roll …… Please….
    Bada ching…….
    Kind of like the ones on the old Drano cans.
    Good to the last drop.
    It doesn’t get any better than this.

  6. I want to stay good, but the threat of POISON today is a dice roll. Poison can get wreck the clean body’s day. Interesting Poison as a TOPIC–IN a bigger picture, I say take this topic directly to an AA meeting and get abolish the NEED of AA. I mean really this is an EDUCATION problem, not a GOd help me problem.

    If you (and by You I really speak for ME) didn’t put POISON in your body you wouldn’t be FAT, you wouldn’t be SICK, you wouldn’t be Diabetic, you wouldn’t be a Drunk, or Smoker these are FACTS. It’s not an “I NEED HELP FROM GOD” thing like AA says, it’s a I need to just not put this **** in my mouth cause it’s POISON. But everyone does it… and says it’s okay — LIES..

    Should you have a drink, I don’t know, I am not qualified to answer–that’s on you, you risk your heart stopping not me anymore. But you best get it straight, you chose to put it in now that you know it’s poison. So really you have a LYING to yourself problem. I only mention this cause I have someone that brings this AA stuff up all the time and I hate it.

    I quit drinking cause it ain’t good for my HEART. I could still raise a glass but WHY? You might argue that the motivation (e.g. death) is what drives my willpower, but the truth is, simply not putting it IN the mouth builds the willpower, and the more you go without, the LESS you ever want it again.

    I have reversed MY situation cause I learned what was happening with the LIES. Problem is there is NON truths in nutrition (LIES like the HIGH CARB LOW FAT DIET in Obamacare–who’s responsible for WRECKING people? the dang “FAT” (ain’t kiddin) doctors)

    You need Supplements too. I do at least.

    This nutrition knowledge needs to start back in Elementary school! *where I first saw “Food Pyramid propaganda”

    It shouldn’t be Mom or Dad dies from CAD/Diabetes and then you learn to cook!
    Grandma’s Cookies needs to have the Wheat replaced, the Sugar replaced/reduced, and the CBD added in for those with pain which this COMFORT food was supposed to fix in the first place but instead ya ate the whole damn bag! Instead of ONE.

    High School was AUTO SHOP, WOOD SHOP and COOKING!
    Get em in High School too.

    IN the LATE 80’s I WORKED at a NURSERY in Sac / Bradshaw Rd…. (they folded from embezzlement) while there though, I learned MUCH tricks, like grafting. I would love to have spent more YEARS there. Got into the Fruits.

    But the questions today I have in 2016 never are addressed -imo.

    Isn’t GRAFTING GMO? ex: I have an apple tree with four types of apples on it. It’s Genetically Grafted right?

    And then at the other end of the spectrum we have Seeds or Plants that have Roundup IN them which IS a poison somehow done in a LAB. I don’t even truly know what I am talking about I dropped out of the Community College Pesticides Class. But went through Horticulture. I am the Green Thumb.

    For a Dangerous GMO, I would say forget LABELING, TRASH/DESTROY THEM they’re POISON. Back to the Education thing again.. I see Mike Adams is onto this evil with that expensive LAB TEST EQUIP.
    maybe fund a bigger testing lab+team to bust them?
    I never thought I would OWN a geiger counter!
    Or fix the RULE of law / Treason, then set the LAW right..

    Okay head hurts from that. I’m tired.
    I have hope though.

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