Senior reaching for cane in traffic stop is shot by cop


Another case of shoot first ask questions later This is shows how paranoid the police are. 

Published on Mar 12, 2014 by toncar tv

Senior reaching for cane in traffic stop is shot by cop

Bobby Canipe, 70, was pulled over in South Carolina by deputy Terrence Knox for an expired license plate before the police officer shot the senior for grabbing a walking cane.

3 thoughts on “Senior reaching for cane in traffic stop is shot by cop

    1. This sickens me. there is no further proof necessary to see we are IN
      a police state. there also seems to be an unwritten rule passed down from justice(just-us) to shoot to kill no matter the reason. this is conditioning for the sheeple to obey the masters when they come to take your guns, property and or freedom. phukk ’em all(leos). give them the bullets first, then beat ’em with your long gun.

  1. He shot 6-7 times. These idiots and they are idiots, are not only poor at judging situations properly and very childish in their responses to situations, they are also very poor shots. The police seem to be vindictive and have no empathy with people. It makes me wonder how these scum bags can sleep properly at night knowing they have made up lies to prosecute someone or provoked someone into reacting to get their convictions. I would bet a lot of money a lot of police take a lot of medication to relieve their conscience because I could not live happily if I behaved like the U.S policemen (obviously not all but the majority)!!! God bless us all…

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