Severe Thunderstorms Packing Damaging Winds Possible from Texas to the Ohio Valley on Tuesday

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Severe thunderstorms packing damaging winds, large hail and a few tornadoes are possible Tuesday across a wide area, from Texas to the Mississippi and Ohio Valleys.

An area of low pressure will slide eastward across the Midwest while its trailing cold front sweeps through the south-central states and a warm front lifts northward into the Ohio Valley.  

At the same time, warm and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico will surge northward into much of the Deep South and the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys, providing the moisture needed for the formation of thunderstorms.

Shown on the weather map is the setup that could spawn severe thunderstorms on Tuesday.

This is not expected to be a widespread outbreak of severe weather, but there could be a corridor across the Ohio Valley where a more concentrated swath of wind damage occurs. This may include parts of southern Illinois, southern Indiana, southwest Ohio, western/middle Kentucky and northwest Tennessee.

Below is our latest forecast thinking on the timing and magnitude of the severe threats on Tuesday.

Severe Weather Forecast


  • Forecast: Severe thunderstorms are possible from mid-afternoon into early evening across a wide area, from east-central Texas northeastward to the lower and mid-Mississippi Valley, Tennessee Valley and Ohio Valley. Some severe storms could linger overnight from the upper Texas Coast into the lower Mississippi Valley.
  • Threats: Damaging wind gusts and large hail are the main threats, although an isolated tornado or two cannot be ruled out.
  • Cities: Houston | Little Rock | Memphis | Indianapolis | Cincinnati
Tuesday’s Thunderstorm Forecast

(Red areas indicate where the greatest threat for severe thunderstorms is located while orange areas denote general thunderstorms not necessarily reaching severe limits.)

There is a chance that a few severe storms may develop ahead of the cold front on Wednesday, from the coastal mid-Atlantic to north Florida. But this risk appears to be minimal at this time.

9 thoughts on “Severe Thunderstorms Packing Damaging Winds Possible from Texas to the Ohio Valley on Tuesday

  1. I’ve been in this weather now for two weeks, New York has had 5 major storms in the last month. I was in Missouri last night and went through hell coming into Chicago, never seen weather like this before, inches of clear ice caked on my truck.

    mind numbing

    1. yeah took the 44 into Joplin then the 270 to the 55 north into Chicago, nightmare! Go thru Joplin, Saint Louis and Kansas city all the time..

    1. What really sucks is the cowards on the road, 4 wheelers and truckers also, who are scared too death of weather. Slam on brakes, can’t see the lines in the road, driving at ridiculous slow speeds, weaving and panic attacks, on and on and on.

      The wiper assembly ices up on these trucks and now you have problems with actually seeing the damn road, we have to stick our hands out the window at speed and clear the wiper assembly. What happens is, you bend the damn wiper blade so bad that you screw the workings up.

      Fking nightmare…. You cant just stop and do this, it has to be done like every 3 or 4 minutes. Many truck windshields are so big that they don’t clear easily. Defrost doesn’t do shit. Not all, but mine is a nightmare.

      The weather actually is the easy part! It got me so worked up Im taking off until friday.

    2. Yeah Mark. I agree with you. I drove as a salesman for years in and around St. Louis. Had some close calls back in the day. I’m 74 now and their getting worse as time goes by. I never even used snow tires. You can get around just fine with regular ones if you know how to drive.

  2. Hey Angel! 😀

    “Shown on the weather map is the setup that could spawn severe thunderstorms on Tuesday.”

    Wonder how much HAARP is in the mix… if any.

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