Should NATO Go To War With Russia and China Over Ukraine?

A protester walks past a burning tent camp and a fire in the trade union building in Odessa May 2, 2014. (Reuters/Yevgeny Volokin)Pontiac Tribune

The world has arrived at a critical crossing point. The stage is Ukraine. The army is you. If you’re reading this article you are participating the massive political awakening taking place across the planet since 9/11. The string pullers are panicking because they’ve lost control of their script at it’s climax. The masses flexed their collective muscle last year and stopped the US attempt to bomb Syria using Iraq-syle misinformation backed by the government’s word and their strangle hold on the US mainstream media.  

Wake up! The army is you. You have to be curious to want to know the truth. If you don’t have that drive to know, it doesn’t matter what the truth is. Anything will fly. It’s as simple as that. Never has that drive been more important than it is today.

In the latest of several brutal attacks during Kiev-sponsored crackdowns on “pro-Russian terrorists”, at least 30 people were beaten and burned alive yesterday in Odessa, Ukraine. Others suffocated to death or jumped out of windows. In total at least 43 people died in Odessa on Friday and 174+ others sustained injuries.

The Trade Unions House building was set on fire by pro-Kiev groups after hundreds of civilians barricaded themselves inside attempting to avoid the beatings.

I know most people don’t like to see videos of this sort of thing but without them you might not grasp just how barbaric of an act this was. Just like in Syria, these are the kind of monsters the US is supporting with your tax dollars.

This was happening while Kiev launched a separate assault on the city of Slavyansk where 10+ people were killed. The city was blockaded by the military and at least 20 helicopters were to deployed to assist in the crackdown. Only after these people were burned alive were the 12 OSCE observers being held by pro-Russian activists in Slavyansk were released unharmed.

NATO’s second in command, Alexander Vershbow, announced on Thursday that Russia is now considered an enemy. The mainstream media has successfully manipulated the American public into thinking of Putin as a Hitler-like figure.

We have to begin to view Russia no longer as a partner but as more of an adversary than a partner,” said Vershbow.


Not long after this announcement, Russia and China declared joint military drills in the South China Sea. Earlier in the week China criticized the latest round of sanctions against Russia.

Do you see where this is going?

We believe that sanctions are inconducive to the solution of problems. On the contrary, they will escalate tensions,” said China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang.

It doesn’t take a political analyst or history professor to realize that this situation is very serious and has all the ingredients to start a major war in the region. Some would even go as far to say that this potential war would become the next global war. This is not just the opinion of alternative journalists. Just last week the Ukrainian Prime Minister said we are on the brink of World War Three and ordered a military draft of all males between the ages of 18 and 25.

This is why the drive to want to know the truth is more important than ever before.

Since the coup in Kiev, the US State Department has been caught promoting a series of stories that have since proven to be false. Was this not the case in Syria as well? As many of you already know, on February 20th the US government, US mainstream media and anti-Yanukovych Ukrainian protesters quickly blamed then President Yanukovych(who was elected by his people) for hiring snipers who opened fire and killed dozens of protesters and police. It didn’t make sense to anyone at the time why Yanukovych would give this order but the script stuck when no one wanted to ask any questions. Fear ruled. There was never any investigation.

The following month a phone call between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign minister Urmas Paet was leaked revealing a theory that put responsibility on anti-Yanukovych protesters rather than Yanukovych’s regime.

So, there is a stronger and stronger understanding that behind snipers it was not Yanukovych, it was somebody from the new coalition,” Paet said to Ashton.

Flash forward to April 29th and we’ve got Richard Stengel, under Secretary of State for public diplomacy, accusing Russia Today of spreading disinformation like “assertions that peaceful protesters hired snipers”.

Mr. Stengel must have known the most commonly referred to assertion came from the leaked EU phone conversation between Ashton and Paet. Obviously the anti-Yanukovych protesters were not “peaceful.” This is not disinformation.

Blink for a second and you might have missed President Obama stating the post-coup government of Kiev was “duly elected”. Was this a mistake? Did he mean “duly elected” by the US State Department?

Maybe you heard about Victoria Nuland’s leaked phone conversation when she was caught saying “Fuck the EU”? Of course you did. If you actually took the time to listen to the entire conversation, it was strikingly clear that the US State Department was already handpicking their puppets for a “new government” in Ukraine back in January.

Who cares what Nuland said about the EU, this was a full month before the coup took place! Not to mention, a video surfaced in which Nuland stated the US had invested over 5 billion dollars into anti-Yanukovych activist groups to build “democracy”.

Yup, and now that “democracy” is ordering the Ukrainian military to murder Ukrainians.

Just because the US mainstream media has promoted the US government’s version of what happened during and after the violent overthrow of Yanukovych doesn’t mean that Russia Today should be shut out because the “Russian propaganda” is telling a different story.

The BBC, which is funded by the British government as Russia Today is funded by the Russian government, ran a story on Ukraine’s neo-Nazi groups, admitting that these same neo-Nazi groups were given positions in the new Kiev government.

Sorry, but Putin is not making this stuff up!

After Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to join Russia, the bulk of the western media abandoned any hint of even-handed coverage. So Putin is now routinely compared to Hitler, while the role of the fascistic right on the streets and in the new Ukrainian regime has been airbrushed out of most reporting as Putinist propaganda. So you don’t hear much about the Ukrainian government’s veneration of wartime Nazi collaborators and pogromists, or the arson attacks on the homes and offices of elected communist leaders, or the integration of the extreme Right Sector into the national guard, while the anti-semitism and white supremacism of the government’s ultra-nationalists is assiduously played down, and false identifications of Russian special forces are relayed as fact.” – Seumas Milne, The Guardian, April 30th

It is easy for the public to believe “Russian propaganda” is responsible for anything. Who hasn’t been conditioned to fear the Russians? Did you watch the Olympics? Ever hear of the Cold War?

Washington must be thinking they’ve won a public relations jackpot. Why is the public’s distrust in the mainstream media and government going viral? Must be the Russian propaganda!! It couldn’t have anything to do with the endless stream of lies spun out of Washington and its corporate media, could it? The same people who lied to the America pushing us into war… after war… after war?

Isn’t this the same US mainstream media that is ignoring major crimes such as Section 1021 of NDAA and even civilian deaths around the world by US drone strikes targeting “suspected” terrorists?

The same media that is supporting the US government’s war on whistle blowers like Edward Snowden and handing out ridiculous punishments for activist hackers like Barrett Brown? Are you cool with the US assassinating Americans(even children) overseas?

A global survey conducted by the Worldwide Independent Network and Gallup at the end of 2013...

At a State Department press conference last Thursday, John Kerry lashed out against Russia Today for its coverage on Ukraine.

The propaganda bullhorn that is the state-sponsored RT program has been deployed to promote – actually, RT network – has been deployed to promote President Putin’s fantasy about what is playing out on the ground,” Kerry said.

They are panicking… Why do you think Kerry was warned three years ago at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the US was “losing the information war”?

This was before their botched attempt at gaining public support to launch missile strikes on Syria through their same old tactics. We are winning.

President Barack Obama needs to have a counseling session with Kerry, who could not resist the temptation to run with the spurious story on new registration requirements for Jews in pro-Russian eastern Ukraine. Nor could he pass up the chance to be able, finally, to adduce “proof” of Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine by citing photos front-paged by the New York Times, with the photos and story very quickly debunked and retracted. The “public diplomacy” effort led by Kerry and his merry propagandists at the State Department is a poor facsimile. True, Soviet propagandists played fast and loose with the truth – as all propagandists do. In the biased U.S. coverage, for example, there has been little or no mention of NATO’s eastward expansion despite solemn promises at the highest U.S.-Russian level not to do that. Indeed, a cartful of relevant facts that could provide crucial context goes unmentioned. It’s simply, “Putin bad; Putin very bad. Shame on him; he sometimes has no shirt on, even on a horse. Bad, bad Putin.” – Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern, May 1st

 Ray McGovern has hit the nail right on the head.

No one is mentioning Ukrainian troops switching sides once they arrived to attack “pro-Russian terrorists”.  They discovered they weren’t terrorists at all! What a marvelous display of humanity to witness another country’s military refuse orders to attack their own civilians. No one is holding John Kerry or USA Today accountable for falsely blaming anti-Kiev groups for sending out letters ordering all Jews to register in the city of Donetsk. Or when Kerry claimed those New York Times photos were proof of Russian soldiers in Ukraine before the story was retracted.


You must be curious to want to know the truth. If you don’t have the drive to know, it really doesn’t matter what the truth is. I hope enough of us embed this desire for truth before the United States successfully starts the greatest conflict the world has seen since WWII. The army is you. Please share this article on Facebook, Twitter and with friends everywhere.

Let’s take this script back and expose these criminals for who they are.



4 thoughts on “Should NATO Go To War With Russia and China Over Ukraine?

  1. The idiots in this government who are pushing for war with Russia are out of their minds. What in God’s name are they thinking?? It is as though sanity itself has fled and the ability to reason has disappeared.. We are in grave danger with these mindless brain dead half wits running this government.

  2. All the problems directly relate to zionists, the most pathetic are their puppets such as the U.S president and the U.K prime minister. These greedy weak fools are willing to push us to war for a zionist plan that they, the chosen ones will rule over the world and we the gentiles will either serve them or die. They are willing to go all out for this state of affairs even if it costs us all our lives. They have built massive underground cities on a scale you would not believe and they can live indefinitely underground if it comes to that… Lets hope we can overthrow the evil parasites and their pathetic puppets before it is too late…

    1. If the US and Russia do engage directly it’ll be to break the white christians in both countries…Christians are the hated more than anything else by khazar ‘jews’.

      It’s my belief the khazar ‘jews’ control both countries nuke arsenals…I suppose it’ll be ground warfare and a limited exchange with small yield tac-nukes from cruise missiles. Just enough panic to open the FEMA amusement park of horrors and declare martial law.

      Our survival depends on not getting into a war with Russia.

      Our owners think otherwise:
      NATO Official: Alliance Will Discuss Deployment of ‘Defensive Assets’ in Georgia


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