2 thoughts on “Slave Mask 2020

  1. And THAT about sums it all up. WE don’t even need to cover it in American’s blood, oil, or any other “precious” elements or minerals to quantify what all this is about because this IS the minimized symbol of what our lives are reduced to in the eyes of these mf’g gollem.

    Well F that and F THEM, that is NOT what WE are about and we have realized and know what WE, the mf’g AMERICAN NATIONAL PEOPLE, are born free by ratified supreme law and Natural law, no matter what and it is OURS to take back by force with no guilt or shame.

    The commie-kike traitors adopted the slogan “by any means necessary” to give their subjugation a righteous sound to and in a backward up is down, black is white, wrong is right world they’re trying desperately to force on US, it is WE who are righteous with justification, reason and law to take it BACK BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    DTTNWO LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC and F these sob’s with all our might. It’s OURS, you can’t f’g have it and they will pay the price of a traitor’s bargain.

    I’ll celebrate independence WHEN we’ve got it. Til then, make ready and take steps to achieve it.

    Thank you, Mr. Shivley and all you in the Trenches here do. “The greater good” here applies to individual liberty, not collective “isms” to unite people under a common banner of slavery but for US to rule our own lives under some very simple common law. THAT is truly the greater good.

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