So this is how water theft works

Imagine how Rain falls from the Sky. It takes a very small particle of dust or metal or whatever in the upper atmosphere to start things off. This particle acts like a magnet for water molecules and they begin to attach to the particle. And water molecules love each other – they will take every opportunity to congregate and so when one attaches to the floating particle of dust or a metal, they rest will gather ‘round and want to have a party.  

In Creator’s natural Sky, imagine that there are 10 particles of dust or metal. And because there are these few, the water molecules have very few places to hang out. So the 10 particles of dust or metal get very heavy with water as more and more water vapor molecules attach to them. They get so heavy that a cloud begins to form. And this cloud (we will call this one Thundercloud) begins to build as the sweet summer day gets warmer. Sometimes there are so many water vapor molecules having a party, that there is no room anywhere to hang out. So they fall out of Thundercloud and sometimes Thundercloud gets a little angry in the process and grumbles and flashes around.

Watch how in a man-made sky, the upper atmospheric jets deposit millions of particles all at once. So for the sake of truth, we will say that we have gone from 10 Creator particles to 100,000 man-made particles of dust or metal. There is still water vapor up in that summer Sky. And the water molecules hop at the chance to have a water-based party so they begin to attach to all the 100,000 artificially pissed out dust or metal particles.

But holy cow, there is so many to choose from (women will totally understand this…). So they grab the nearest deal and stay put. So the water molecules are very spread out in Sky and no one is having a party.

What happens to Thundercloud? If Cloud is young in the Sky on a summer morning in a clear blue sky, he will just evaporate because the line of pissed out particles of dust or metal have grabbed up all the water vapor molecules. There is really a Sahara desert above Thundercloud as the introduced wispy spray lines begin to spread out, grabbing all the water vapor molecules who just want to party and have a ripping good thunderstorm time.

Because of the understandable need of a water molecule to attach to the first particle of dust or metal, it is now effectively shackled to that particle and those two, they move off together as one. Like prisoners, they move off in the direction of the upper altitude winds. They are crying because they are unable to have a party with their friends and Bless the land below them.

These 100,000 individual water molecules that are shackled to the introduced particle of dust or metal will never build a Thundercloud in Sky until they are many states away and have gathered one half a continent of other water molecules. They have been thieved from our land where Thundercloud will always deliver in a ripping good party of water molecules given a fine, hot summer day.

The water molecules who are shackled to the introduced particles of dust or metal are crying as they are moved by the winds and the magnetic field of Earth away from where they wanted to make Thundercloud grow big and Bless the land. Sometimes I feel the tears of these clouds as they try to tell human beings what is happening to them; they float over us in dry wisps of nothing.

Sometimes the sprayers will let Thundercloud begin to grow before they start to spray 100,000 man-made particles of dust or metal. No one yet knows why this is so. The water molecules are beginning to have a good time and the cumulus cloud is growing white and powerful into blue Sky. We hear the jets and see the piss of 100,000 man-made particles of dust or metal coming out and spreading above Thundercloud. Thundercloud begins to starve for water as the upper air water molecules begin to be thieved and herded off. The top of Thundercloud begins to fall apart and to look like shredded wisps or giant white cloud horns as Thundercloud gasps for water. More and more lines are pissed above Thundercloud and soon there is a fading or worse, a flat motionless, road-kill cloud floating below an ugly gray sky. These are what dead clouds look like. They are as dead as an animal smear on a highway. They are dead like the Dominant culture has always killed; without mercy, without wisdom, without understanding; without seeing with the eye of the Heart.

10 water vapor particles are now 100,000 over Nevada, over Utah, over Colorado and they are trying to have one huge party because that is what water molecules do, they like to party with friends. And so they do. And this party is not a good one. It is a massive tornado party, it is Earth-destroying hurricane flood party, and it is baseball hail bird-destroying party. It is an abomination in the sky from the Dominant culture without the guidance of the eye of the Heart.

Hear what the sky is saying this summer. Be receptive in your heart. There will be good days, because that is how they do it; but like the cheese waiting for the mouse, from this program there is only Death in the end.

This thievery is nothing new. It belongs to a plan which has been in place since any Master has walked in body upon the Earth. It is ages in the making and is coming to fruition. It belongs to only one defining “culture” and that is a culture without Heart, without the ability to see with Heart. That is all.

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