So what is with the Boxcars with Shackles Welded to the Floors?

There are a couple of stories making the rounds asserting that there are railroad boxcars being constructed with shackles welded to their floors, which has caused quite the debate out here in cyberspace.  Is this just propaganda being put out by the insurgents in the government to scare the American people?

Well this argument would make about zero sense as Americans continue to buy guns by the millions per month and ammunition by the hundreds of millions of rounds per month and any such rumor as boxcars with shackles would only serve to convince the people of the need for more guns and ammunition.

Others say this is just another conspiracy theory as no pictures of these boxcars with shackles seem to be out there anywhere.  And then there is the issue as to where these boxcars with shackles welded to the floors would be hidden.

All right let’s cut through the bullshit.  As far as conspiracy theories go, don’t forget, the infamous chemtrails were called conspiracy theories.  The mainstream now admits to the existence of the chemtrails, but insists they are for the good of the people.  FEMA camps are still being called a conspiracy theory, though they have been documented as absolutely in existence and they all do seem to be located right next to railroad tracks.

Remember, propaganda is made up of truths, half truths, and out and out lies, the purpose being to maintain a state of confusion via the argument.

We can all see what is coming down the pike and with more and more talk of full blown martial law and arrests, of course considering history, train boxcars naturally are assumed into the scenario.  But what about boxcars with shackles welded to the floors?  I guess all one would have to do is ask why would they weld shackles to the floors.  They were not necessary in Nazi Germany nor Stalin’s Russia, and they are not necessary today.

Are Americans going to be loaded on train cars to be shipped to FEMA camps?  Well considering the fact that the camps have been built beside the railroad tracks, I would say that would be a safe assumption.  And this story about the shackles is nothing more than an attempt to get us to dismiss the boxcars, the trains, and the FEMA camps along with the shackles.

Logic dictates that once you are in one of those steel boxcars and the doors are locked shut, shackles would represent nothing more than a waste of time and manpower in locking the shackles and unlocking the shackles.  And you don’t have to build special boxcars, the same ones used to ship lumber and other goods will work quite well to ship a human cargo, especially considering the fact that you do not care what happens to that human cargo on its way to its destination.

The shackles are a diversion.  Put them out of your mind.  Concentrate on the FEMA camps, the railroad tracks, and the plain old boxcars we see every day.  Also, stop wondering and worrying about the guillotines and concentrate on the 400 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow points that these insurgents just purchased.  We know they are real.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “So what is with the Boxcars with Shackles Welded to the Floors?

  1. Well then, railroad tracks must be removed down the line…you cant drive trains on freeways so no tracks no trains! We have to understand, we are not dealing with the brightest people here…Take this SGT…what didnt he understand about UNDERWATER HATCH and what will happen when one opens it…LOL

  2. You got it , Henry. I kept hearing about hidden “Prison Camps” for U.S. Citizens before Internet through flyers put out at gunshows & hawked on shortwave radio. Finally got around to getting a comp set up & the same info was there too. 2 of these camps were supposed to be in my area. A 4 man ground team, picked from locals who knew area & were concerned of such matters, was dispatched to these locations. Area was aerial re-conned (1 pilot & 1 observer) prior to team entering area. Funding was out of pocket.

    Results found Forest Service Fire Camp Facility with all the requirements to support such capabilities. Yes, a shake & bake Prison Camp could be made ( as ANY government land could) quickly. The second site turned out to be a WW2 Japanese Internment Camp that had nothing but a few chunks of concrete left. Believe me, we wanted to find proof that this crap was going on under people’s noses & plan appropriate action.

    The re-con wasn’t a waste. Our action did spur awareness among our fellow Patriots. This “Awakening” resulted in more serious “real” threats being discovered. Real time cameras, National Guard training to set up shake & bake detention areas, local LEO being Federally funded, inter-county “Mutual Aid” for civil disturbances, Guard Training Centers being “Hardened” along side highways with actual facilities for putting up traffic check/control points, a small aircraft runway being re-enforced & TESTED with C130 take offs & landings….list goes on. All this in a backwoods hick county and the people refuse to even think our government would conspire to do them harm.

    Rumor sometimes spurs people to positive action, but most of the time the people only cover their eyes to harsh fact or hide in the cellar in fear when a mouse farts. Some also can’t see the forest for the trees. Then there are other evil bastards that put disinfo out to either discredit or blind those seeking the truth. BTW, I was labeled a local “wack” & “conspiracy nut”. With great sadness, what we predicted is coming to pass and some days I am overwhelmed with requests for “how to get ready”. The days of getting ready & stopping the calamity are near gone now.

  3. The buying weapons craze is something too. Close relatives are spending big buck$ on firearms, not due to coming calamity, but as a “Investment” (aka Patriots for Profit). They don’t even know how to fire the damn things!

  4. It’s the train trax that shook me up. Just looks somuch like Nazi death camps. I pray enough people will awaken in time to prevent another horror.

  5. I have not been able to find an article with a quick search that I read in the last half-dozen years, written by a former (California?) state or federal representative whose name I can’t remember, for I believe it was the San Francisco Chronicle (, saying, yes, there are boxcars. He mentioned other stuff, can’t remember the details. The article specifically references the rep and the boxcars. Maybe someone else can track it down.

  6. FEMA camps — Check
    Train tracks by FEMA camps — Check
    Boxcars to transport on train tracks to FEMA camps– To be confirmed? Gimme a break!

  7. I once saw tall train cars like the ones we see. I peeked inside them, looking through the slats. Many were empty (no guillotines either) I did see cars in some of them.

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