Social Media Censorship Is Out of Control! Here’s one solution.

The Corbett Report

We all know by now that the tech giants of Silicon Valley are in bed with the government and they’re not afraid to censor posts they disagree with from their social media platforms. So what if there was a decentralised, open source, blockchain-based social media alternative? On today’s thought for the day we talk about the censorship problem and the Steemit solution.

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The Corbett Report

4 thoughts on “Social Media Censorship Is Out of Control! Here’s one solution.

  1. I’ve never been to Facebook, or Twitter, and why people willingly submit their personal conversations to government surveillance is beyond my comprehension.

    There used to be a healthy distrust of government power in this country, but that’s been subdued by TV brainwashing, and millions of morons now reveal all they know to the government. They’ll suffer for their stupidity, and they’ll deserve it. Anyone with a brain in their head has dumped Facebook years ago.

    1. I’ve never signed up for any of that either as I don’t make a lot of time to correct or argue with IDIOTS …

      So, you think ‘they’ are not watching FTT either ???

  2. Search nttp:// protocol.
    It existed but had to make way for the nice selfies of the masses on pages where they prostitute their time-line for others..

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