Soloman Islands Rise Up — Government buildings set on fire…

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Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare vows vengeance

Honiara (AFP) – Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has vowed to track down rioters who attempted to storm parliament, as the Pacific island nation’s capital Honiara remained under lockdown Thursday following the unrest.

Hundreds of people demanding Sogavare’s resignation marched on parliament Thursday, burning down a thatched hut near the legislature before moving on Honiara’s Chinatown, torching a police station and looting shops before police fired tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Sogavare ordered an immediate curfew across Honiara, describing the unrest as a “sad and unfortunate event aimed at bringing a democratically elected government down.”

“The 36-hour lockdown will allow law enforcement agencies to fully investigate the perpetrators of the events today and to prevent further lawless destruction of property,” he said in a statement released late Wednesday.

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3 thoughts on “Soloman Islands Rise Up — Government buildings set on fire…

  1. Scenes like this are blatant indicators of a world that just won’t take it anymore, a world that is fed up with this cruel hoax, a hoax of horror and heinous deception. Christmas approaches, the season of love, and of course it must be shite upon, smeared with all manner of dictatorial dirty deeds. Better to have hate and chaos than love and brotherhood. Much better for tyranny’s purposes.


  2. And all the organized looting we’re seeing here in our nation… I don’t think it’s realized just how big an issue that is. It’s one of the first major signs of 3rd World reality. As class wars are stoked by the masters of Divide-And-Conquer, and as poverty and hunger escalate, and as things deteriorate into unlivable conditions, looting then becomes a way of life, not just at Home Depot and Walgreens, but in all neighborhoods and private homes. I guess we can say looting is a tool of the government to get us to heel.

    Multiple fronts advancing. I’m asking myself this question: Will the run-away INFLATION we are experiencing turn everyone into a looter? Maybe a better word is survivalist. We stand equipped with our Article 2, and may all of common sense embrace it and be ready to fight whatever stands in the way of our freedom and well-being.


  3. Over a decade ago, I thought the awakening and uprising to restore the republic was possible. These days, I’m not sure what is worth saving, other than my desire to live up to the bill of rights and enforce upon any that need it.

    If one wanted to make a boat to get all the good people off this carnival ride it might not require seats.

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