Spotted over North Carolina

Spotted this over North Carolina yesterday. I’m not sure what to make of it but I looked on one of the flight radar apps and there wasn’t any commercial flights in formation. They however were moving at about twice the speed of commercial airliners. Any ideas? 

10 thoughts on “Spotted over North Carolina

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  2. Those are Arial skidmarks.

    I’ve sent in pictures of them doing circles.

    I have a few skidmarks too.

    In my underwear.

    Thank God they’re in a straight line too.

    Unlike the semi tire skid marks on the freeway.

  3. We sit on the back deck of our retreat in Western NC with NVG at night. The things we see are sometimes unbelievable to most people. Aircraft or ? moving 5-6 faster than everyday planes. Aircraft formations if it were not for NVG you would never know were there.

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