Standby lawyers want off Fort Hood shooting trial

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FORT HOOD, Texas — Defense attorneys helping the Fort Hood shooting suspect are demanding they be removed from the trial, saying the judge is forcing them to violate professional rules of conduct.

The lawyers have been helping Maj. Nidal Hasan represent himself during the trial. They asked to take over his defense on Wednesday, saying Hasan appeared to be trying to convince jurors to convict him and sentence him to death.   

But the judge sided with Hasan on Thursday, saying it’s clear the standby attorneys simply disagree with Hasan’s defense strategy.

That prompted the standby attorneys to say they would appeal the judge’s ruling. The judge recessed the trial.

3 thoughts on “Standby lawyers want off Fort Hood shooting trial

  1. The guy is paralyzed and he murdered a lot of people, innocent through their own ignorance. Is it a wonder this Wahabi seeks his own death? Within the brainwashed Muslim circle, he will be a martyr.

  2. A very clever man knowing what an execution would do in the hands of the opposition in many Arab nations.

    A friend of mine is currently working in Saudi and Bahrain and he said the peoples there are seething with anger at the ruling classes and it wouldn’t take much to get them into something more rebellious.

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