Statue of Fully Nude, Bearded Man Breastfeeding a Baby Placed Outside Denmark’s Former Women’s Museum by Cassandra MacDonald

A statue of a naked, bearded man breastfeeding a baby has been placed outside the former Women’s Museum in Denmark.

The statue is said to be a self-portrait by sculptor Aske Kreilgaard.


The museum, located in Aarhus, changed its name from Women’s Museum to KØN – Gender Museum Denmark in February 2021.

According to its website, it is “one of the few museums in the world, focusing on gender and equality.”

After the statue was placed, sculptor, photographer, and writer Suste Bonnén wrote an article for Kristeligt Dagblad titled, “Statue of breastfeeding man is a pedophile’s dream.”

“Isn’t Agape a pedophile’s dream? A grown naked man who enjoys putting a small child up to his nipple for him to suck is to me the epitome of what pedophiles dream of,” Bonnén wrote.

She pointed out that while the nipple is an erogenous zone for both sexes, “the mother satisfies the child’s needs,” while a man who cannot nurse “only satisfies his own.”

“I don’t see that the gender roles are being played with, as many others do. I see an exploitation of the little child, and a man playing with his own gratification. That is why I find it disturbing that both genders and audiences today welcome the message: The grown man can do whatever he wants with a small child, as long as we call it Agape.”

The museum that once celebrated women’s accomplishments has taken an extremely woke turn in recent times.

“Much has changed in the world of gender perception since the Women’s Museum Society saw the light of day; also men’s role and function has changed significantly,” the website says. “In some areas, the cultural heritage still rests upon the old-fashioned division between gender and roles, whilst the present expects a more open display of all genders.”

According to a report from Reduxx, the museum “offers sex education for children in primary school ‘through a culture-historical and norm-critical view of sexuality and gender.’”

“The societal norms that [children] experience on their own bodies are set against cultural history through objects from the history of sexual culture. In this way, we show the students that sex, gender roles and understandings of sexuality are rooted in our cultural history, and that ideas about gender, sexuality and sexual practices have changed over time,” the course description states.

Reduxx noted that in 2018, “an endocrinologist from Boston Medical Center claimed that breast feeding was an important method of validating a trans-identified male’s gender identity.”


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  1. Come asking for food little baby, but be given nothing. Try harder to get your sustenance, but nothing is there for you, only struggle, struggle to partake of nature’s naturalness, where all things work as they should. Little baby, be not fooled by a false facade, and may all who see the lie forced on you, stomp the liars ever away from you. Mother is she who nurses you and feeds you the best of what you need. Mother, none other.


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