Steve Moore “Antoinette” Has the Economic Solution

Steve Moore, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, has finally figured out this economic puzzle.  He is saying that this is not a depression and the fact is things are not as bad as we thought at all.  What we are experiencing is a “Jobs Recession” and the solution is simple.  Stop paying unemployment insurance.  Dismiss all the unemployed and reset the economy without them.

The economy will boom…for a few months anyway.  And then a new wave of foreclosures will hit.  But this will be an easy fix.  Another bailout, followed by a tightening of credit, followed by more business closures, more 401Ks wiped out and more people left jobless.  Again, not a problem as long as they are not getting unemployment benefits.  What is the big deal?  Simply remove them from the equation and reset the economy.  And so it goes, over and over again like wiping one’s backside on a hula hoop.

In the end equation Steve Moore and his elitist brethren and sisteren end up with the entire wealth of the United States.  And what of the other 300 million of us?  Well we will have been removed from the equation; therefore we will be of no consequence, right?

Tell you what Stevie; you are going to find out just what a consequence we represent when we come to retrieve our stolen wealth.  We are going to give you a slag hammer and a chisel and you and your elitist cohorts are going to spend the rest of your lives tearing down those FEMA camps you have constructed for the purpose of eliminating us permanently.

The pure arrogance these loathsome thieves exhibit is unbelievable.  I think they are the ones caught in a paradigm.  We the people are gathering in great crowds with pitchforks, torches, and hemp ropes while Steve Moore and company are saying, “Let them eat cake, there is plenty of cake.”

I guess the bottom line is, what we are seeing is certainly nothing new in the history of this planet, a handful of elitists thinking they can literally starve people to death without any fear of reprisal.

You better step back and take a good hard look at what is right in front of you, Stevie, and decide if this thing is worth losing your nasal retentive head over.  That is not thunder you hear on the horizon, but rather war drums.  The natives grow restless and we are coming for your toupee, after you receive a fair trial, of course.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “Steve Moore “Antoinette” Has the Economic Solution

  1. What these towering intellectuals seem not to understand is that a few hundred thousand of the ‘elite’, with all the money, and three hundred twenty five million with no money is not a viable economy. As for the bailouts: where’s the tax revenue to pay from them coming from as the consumer closes his or her wallet, companies shed more workers and the housing market collapses further? I’ve seen this bozo on ‘Fox’ and he’s a complete numbskull, like the rest of his privileged ilk.

  2. He might think differently when a mob of hungry people hang his stupid ass from a lamp post.

  3. Thank God for trade unions and moral principles. Steve Moore should go home and listen to his parents. If they are deceased and Steve Moore is over 15 years old, they were slobs.

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