STOP Buying AR-15’s

An interesting and fairly accurate premise. That’s why I am posting this …not because I agree with “everything” he’s saying. It’s just that one shouldn’t purchase then modify as this gentleman purveys. One should build from the ground up….That is the Jist of this posting. There are two for sure reasons in this thinking, if not more.

1st. You learn your firearm – It’s inner workings and maintenance.

2nd – You end up with what you want for WAY less than you could imagine.

(If you perform wise shopping and can be a little patient waiting for the deals.)

Case in point – I built mine to “My Specs” for less than 600.00

HB M4 Flat Top 16″ 5.56 Nato Chrome with Front Sight (American Made)

Quality Lower – SAA Multi CAl.

DPMS Lower Group (These Are Well Made)

Magpul Moe stock and Magpul grip

(The grip and the Lower kit were purchased as a package)

Quality BCG – Surpasses Mil-Spec

Quality Mil-Spec Charging Handle

(You don’t need the “popular” choice of the day. You need one that works)

Quality Mil-Spec Buffer Tube Assembly

One point battle strap

True Glow Red Dot Reflex Optics ( These are very well designed and reliable)

(Haven’t installed a rear sight yet, and probably won’t. This puppy isn’t for long range duty, there’s appropriate tools for the right task


. The True-glow sight can be used as a Ghost ring if the battery dies.  One just needs to practice for this event.)

So there you have it, down and dirty with no unnecessary frills, but extremely affordable and just as reliable.

If one can find package deals on like minded parts such as the stock combined with the buffer tube kit, one could save even more.

The point is just this: Don’t purchase then modify…build it the way you want it.

Search for sales and great deal packages. If you do, you’ll end up with a great piece for an even better price. Oh, as far as the “piston” option mentioned ……I wouldn’t do it.

I too almost did, but decided against for…. unreliability verses cleaning ….cleaning wins every time.

Building versus modifying makes a big difference from the route others choose….and what’s left in your wallet proves it.


One thought on “STOP Buying AR-15’s

  1. Start with an 80% lower they can be had under $50 and yes spend the money on the gas piston system for an AR platform.
    A vice, hand drill or drill press along with a simple router with a handful of bits will finish the 80% lower.
    The same can be said for 1911 platforms just a bit more expensive for the frame.
    These can even be done with a dremel
    Have fun 😉



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