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  1. These are the dark forces that act under the falsity they are of a higher power than our God of Man. Our God through His Creation provided absolutely everything required for Man to thrive and excel on this awesome planet. The illusion is fading and in the end no effort on their part will succeed. This evil will be destroyed.

    1. Thanks EOTS. I get a lot out of western Europe. I think they feel the wound a little deeper than we do here in America. Many are bleeding out over what’s been stolen, what’s been lost. There are some noble efforts to halt immigration, expose it for what it really is and who’s orchestrating it, and to regain the traditional cultures of each country. Some say it’s too late. Others yell, “Send them all back, and let us start anew to reclaim the old.” It is a hard fight with diminishing numbers of each country’s natives. Language and dress is rapidly changing, foreigners dictate to natives. Crime is soaring. European nationals have been fighting longer than many. It may be that all countries (metaphorically and literally) will eventually have their storming of the Bastille. Seems it’s overdue.


    2. On the storming of the Bastille, this song just came to mind. I see in the vid the waving of red flags. Not knowing my history well enough I questioned if this had any communist elements to it. I could not find them in the lyrics of the song or in Wikipedia’s coverage. So I submit this song which I love, followed by a quote on the storming of the Bastille, which I know, like most just causes, was likely hijacked, co-opted, and corrupted. Still a model was set in place.

      Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47E2tfK5QAg

      “The news of the successful insurrection at Paris spread throughout France. In accord with principles of popular sovereignty and with complete disregard for claims of royal authority, the people established parallel structures of municipalities for civic government and militias for civic protection.”

      More here:



  2. Yes….just as important as freedom of the press, is freedom FROM the press. (and the power of the press is what I believe the above-pictured snippet refers to)

    1. Definitely a thinking question……… Obviously , I say….But, besides you I hope I’m not alone in my thoughts

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