Super Bowl Powder Bullshit

I smell trouble. The tribe is surely trying to focus attention on the superbowl. I’ll send more after this but this is what I found out concerning the ‘white powder’ being sent to the superbowl hotels and what-not. Certainly didn’t sit well with me.

While I think they are gearing up for a false-flag somewhere, think the superbowl is a total distraction. Maybe they’re testing reactions etc. Who knows. Here’s what I’ve pieced together so far.  

Just imagine what they can do elsewhere while america’s collective attention is on the superbowl.


Suspicious powder at hotels, post offices near Super Bowl stadium believed to be cornstarch.

Untrusted alternative media:

Story linked to by beforeitsnews:

Registrar info:

WHOIS information for

  • Registrant Name: Domain Administrator
  • Registrant Organization: Advance Digital Inc.
  • Registrant Street: 3100 Plaza 5
  • Registrant City: Jersey City
  • Registrant State/Province: NJ
  • Registrant Postal Code: 07311-4034
  • Registrant Country: US
  • Registrant Phone: +1.201459288
  • Registrant Phone Ext:
  • Registrant Fax:
  • Registrant Fax Ext:
  • Registrant Email:

Advance Digital Inc. is is Advance Publications – ADVANCE-ENT Advance Publications Inc. is listed in this about section

About, oversees the Internet vision and strategy for affiliates of Advance Publications, Inc., including Condé Nast Digital and Advance Internet.’s affiliates build premier independent brands on the Internet, with long-term real value that extend Advance Publications, Inc.’s affiliates’ consumer franchises into the online medium. Condé Nast Digital working with the magazines of Condé Nast, has created national brands including, and During this same period, Advance Internet, working with Advance Publications’ affiliates’ newspapers, has developed local brands including, and Advance Publications, Inc., is a privately held media company.

Chairman: Steven Newhouse
Chairman: Steven Newhouse son of Donald Edward Newhouse

Donald Edward Newhouse (born 1930) is one of the owners of Advance Publications, founded by his father Samuel Irving Newhouse, Sr. Ethnicity: Jewish,_Sr.

Samuel Irving Newhouse, Sr.
Religion: Judaism
67 East Park Place
Morristown, NJ 07960

Mossad Nest:
Rabbinical College of America
NJ Headquarters of the Worldwide Lubavitch Movement
226 Sussex Avenue • Morristown, NJ

That’s a few miles from the stadium….way too close for comfort if you ask me. Looks like I found the bottom of this particular rabbit hole, and I haven’t seen any rabbits…just rats.

Sent to us by a reader.

6 thoughts on “Super Bowl Powder Bullshit

  1. They already had their super-bowl propaganda event.

    The white powder in the mail, the heightened security, and endless terror hype will have enough of an effect on the population to help foster the terrorism myth.

    1. HaHaHa yes and another HaHaHa. I say that because I call it the Sucker Bowl, because that is what I think the people are that buy into all this B S about this super – sucker – bowl crap. I have always wondered why people make such a big deal about a GD game they played in grade/high school/coledge. WTF !

  2. Excellent homework. I never did trust Before It’s News. About 90% of the shit they have on that site is either outright bullshit or highly exaggerated bullshit, but bullshit just the same. Just more controlled opposition from the 13th tribe of Khazaria.

    1. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. They have some excellent articles on BIN. One simply has to have the patience to sift through them.

  3. Well, of course the whole damn thing is a diversion. Everyone’s eye is on the football, while the thieves are robbing the bank somewhere else. The only people dumb enough and blind not to see it are the sheeple.

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