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Identifying Different Psychopaths

Uploaded on Jan 6, 2012 by TruthNeverTold

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17 Responses to Identifying Different Psychopaths

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    The narrator is not in any way qualified to diagnose psychopathy, and as a result has given us some erroneous definitions here, but his intentions are good.

  2. RC says:

    Read the Banksters guidebook for being a true psychopath, The 29 Protocols! Please continue your great input & dialog for Freedom, Liberty, Justice & Truth

  3. Joe in JT says:

    Most men can relate to the woman who looks helpless, uses sex as a weapon, drains a man of his energy and money, then tosses him away when he’s no longer needed.

  4. kingskid says:

    Psychopaths descendants of Edom through Kazaria? Fits their MO.

    Why does someone have to be qualified to diagnose when people are getting lied to, cheated and openly Fuc*ed over?

    Jolly your no shrink and you know when your getting screwed over.

  5. Samuel says:

    I would have to agree with Roger, this is pure speculation, then again, all psychology is speculation. You cannot put any one person in a box and classify them as being of one mold or the other. For exmaple, not all psychopaths are incapable of feeling empathy. Some choose when and who they feel empathy for. As empathy and all emotions are a bio-chemical response to input, internal or external; it is the primary directive for survival that initiates process for emotional expression. Since we all have had different environmental experiences in our lifetimes, the logic / neuro-pathways that dictate our response to stimuli is different for each indvidual. Some of us have learned to respond appropriately and others have learned to respond inappropriately. Psychopaths and sociopaths are fully aware of reality and their actions. It is through environmental conditioning that they have developed learned behavior that is destructive to others as well as themselves. One may initiate an inappropriate response, realize that it is not acceptable, but now must decide to if they should twist it to their advantage or admit that they are faulty which would only serve to enforce their fear that they are broken and inferrior. 9/10 times they will choose to skew reality or move forward with the destructive action because they will have control of that outcome.

    Even serial killers do what they do for fear of being out of control. If they become monsters in the eyes of society, then they can control the image of the monster. If they are exposed as being defficient in communication or bonding skills then they are out of control and panic will set in.

    Sociopathic and Psychopathic behaviors are a result of poor self image that manifests in a compusion to enforce a narcissistic self image. “If I am better than everyone else, and I am not like anyone else, and they cannot understand me, then I have no obligation to feel for them or not destroy them. They are my play things to manipulate and make suffer.”. It may be counter-intuitive, but it is narcissism born of fear of rejection.

    There is no race association, no regional association. There is only a societal assosciation. Every group must have a rank and order. Those that are outside or percieve that they outside teh group are suceptable to these behaviors.

    How can those that were born wealthy become psychopaths? Sometimes, it is the ones that have been pushed to the other extreme, to the very top of the rank. They have been made to outside the norm, above everyone else and therefore still detached from the group. They fear disapointing the group by not living up to expectations; they may feel at some point that they must become more outlandish to maintain the status or they may decide to buckle under the pressure and become monsters such as serial killers, because they can at least control that outcome.

  6. DL. says:

    Whether Jolly is right or wrong, now you all on here know why I call these folks the “criminal psychopathic elites” (and BTW I am somewhat qualified to make that “diagnosis” being a certified counselor…in the end though only God gets to judge, White Throne style). Samuel is also right: psychology is most speculation and unfortunately just like the “victors” write the history books, the politically correct get to write the DSMs…DSM V is the height of folly in the world of psychology…probably everyone including me that posts here is “disordered” according to that book!

  7. Samuel says:

    In the case of those in our society that have risen to the social status of lawmakers, enforcers, etc…Once an anti-social act has been comitted, there is a moment of anticipation, waiting for a response from those that may have been offended. That anticipation causes the fight-flight response which releases addrenaline and endophines. They are literally getting high off of creating a confrontational situation. This is why cops escalate their criminal behavior over time, they must keep upping the ante to get the high. The same is true of those who we have let and pushed into “power”. That is a funny word and is a synonym for CONTROL. We, as the group have willingly allowed these people with anti-social disorders to be in a position of control. The very nature of a position of control and government, itself, is one that will be occupied by anti-social people, as by it’s nature, it is outside the group and serves to satiate the need of the socio/psychopath to control. The only society that can be free is one without government and without a defined order that casts out or isolates the more eccentric members.

  8. flek says:

    Modern psychology was started by sigmung fraud, I mean freud.
    He was a khazar jew. He cleverly convinced the goyim they were insane and they payed him to ‘fix’ them. Psychotherapists… oh the money they’ve made and lives they’ve broken. The most insidious are the drug pushing psychiatrists.

    Besides, ‘psychology’ can’t even define the diagnosis criteria of a psychopath.


    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      “The most insidious are the drug pushing psychiatrists.”

      That would be ALL of them, flek. Gone are the days of lying on the couch and revealing your problems. They ask you what your symptoms are, check their fictitious ‘maladies’ book, and write you a scrip on the spot.

      They may as well install revolving doors in all their lobbies.

  9. RC says:

    Good view flek, most of your comments hit it on the nail head, keep up the good vs Evilist push—-I will continue to encourage the hunt for the return of our Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

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