Super Tuesday Super Election Fraud

Today is not just Tuesday, it is indeed Super Tuesday.  Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia will be holding primaries and Alaska, Idaho, and North Dakota will be holding caucuses today, with a total of 437 delegates at stake.  This is a day when all these states can feel equal as their citizens will be equally disenfranchised through election fraud which has become the status quo in our country.

The mainstream propagandists have been busy reporting on the Russian election and the fraud involved therein.  However they seem completely disinterested in the election fraud going on right here at home.  But it makes sense that they would, as they are active participants in putting forth fraudulent opinion polls in an attempt to add credibility to their fraudulent reporting of the fraudulent results.

I heard one mainstream reporter on FOX News say, with a bit of a sarcastic chuckle, that the election in Russia had been called for Putin with only 25% of the results in.  Talk about hypocrisy.  These very same propagandists have been calling the GOP primaries and caucuses with as little as 1% of the results in.  So I guess that if calling an election with only 25% of the results in indicates election fraud then calling an election at 1% should establish the fraud as absolute.

I have heard it said by the mainstream propagandists more than a few times, that Romney will sweep Virginia because the only other candidate on the ballot is Ron Paul.  The only way this could be stated in the absolute manner that it is, is if the Republican Party in Virginia intend to count only the neo-con votes.

There is one thing for sure, the fraud that will be committed in Virginia should be the most blatant to date, as the transfer of votes will have to be directly from Dr. Paul to Romney.  This is indeed why the corporate elite have kept Santorum and Gingrich in the race, it is a lot easier to shift votes around between four candidates than it is between two.

The people of Virginia have lost jobs and industry, just like every other state in the Union.  Tell me, does it make logical sense that they would vote for Mitt Romney, the ex-CEO of Bain Capital, who made hundreds of millions of dollars dismantling factories in the United States and moving them to China?

Does it make sense that the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia would vote for any status quo candidate when they are presently passing laws to nullify sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act, when every status quo Senator and Congressman voted for it and Mitt Romney has said that he would have signed it if president?

Or do you think just maybe they, like the rest of the disenfranchised majority out here might want to vote for Dr. Paul, who is one of but ninety-six members in our House of Representatives that opposed military arrest and indefinite detention of our citizens without any due process?  In fact didn’t Dr. Paul introduce legislation immediately after the passage of the NDAA to remove sections 1021 and 1022 from the law?

What the elitists and their propagandists are trying to get us to believe is that the majority of the middle class and poor are intentionally voting to cut our own throats.

The election fraud must stop.  Every patriotic citizen voting in the primaries and attending caucuses today needs to have a camera at the ready.  A lot of undeniable fraud was documented in Washington State.  Let us get some more today.  Sooner or later the lawsuits will be filed.  Let us assist Dr. Paul and provide him the evidence he will need to prosecute.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Super Election Fraud

  1. There is so much fraud going on, they should just appoint a president and cut out all the BS. I don’t think they have decided which puppet they want, Obama or Romney. They want America to think they have a choice when voting for the same thing. They’ll just keep poisoning every system we have had in place for their personal agenda and bring us sufficating into the controling arm of the NWO.

  2. f#*k this country , I am sick of it, worked my ass off for 30 years only to have nothing cause of corruption. lack of health care, costs are skyrocketing while corporate entities show record profits, while the rest starve, this is slowly becoming the policed state is the USA and only the uber rich will be able to make choices, the rest will work low end laborious jobs for little pay..if you do happen to get a white collar job you might actually be able to make a decent living. Going to retire in another country that caters to its citizens, not rob them blind.

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