Teens who terrorized homeowners are arrested

Daily Mail

This is the moment a homeowner pulled his gun on two teens who tried to rob him in his own front yard.

The suspects had allegedly been terrorizing the Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a spate of robberies on Wednesday, when they approached the victim. 

Surveillance footage, shot from a doorbell camera, showed the man, who is not named, responding by casually pulling a gun out of his pocket and aiming it at the two robbers who fled to their car.

Police caught up with the getaway car as the suspects were fleeing the scene, and there was a brief chase before the teens crashed.

Andrew Payton, 20, and a 17-year-old were arrested at the scene of the crash but their 15-year-old accomplice fled.

The teen was running through a neighbor’s backyard when he opened fire on him. The juvenile is not seriously injured.

Zachariah Cook claimed that the boy was running at him when he shot him, then refused to speak any more to the cops.

He has been arrested on a complaint of shooting with intent to kill. Police said there is a chance the homeowner used justified force, and the judge may decide to drop the charge.

Tulsa Officer J.P. Ward said officers began looking city-wide for the suspects after reports of a mini crime spree in the neighborhood.

It began when the trio allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint for just $12 and his bank card, while he was mowing his lawn.

‘We got a pretty good description of the vehicle at that point and then, we got some officers on scene and they exactly found some photos of the vehicle in neighboring houses’ security systems,’ Ward said.

Police say there were reports of a fourth suspect, but she has not been found. Payton, who was arrested carrying a handgun used in the first robbery, and the two juvenile suspects – brothers ages 15 and 17 – are in jail.


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