Texas Gun Store Posts Sign with Hilarious Warning that Gun Owners are Making Go Viral

Freedom Outpost – by Tim Brown

Alamo Tactical in San Antonio, Texas posted an advisory sign at its store and an internet posted captured a picture of it. The rest is history as they say.

The humorous sign, which posted a warning about unholstering loaded weapons in the store immediately went viral.  

The purpose of the sign was to make sure that people are practicing gun safety and also knowing when to actually unholster their weapon.

The sign did list three scenarios in which guns would be unholstered inside Alamo Tactical:

  • You are robbing us
  • You are shooting the person robbing us
  • You are an incompetent moron

However, it also went on to point out the consequences for each of these actions:

  • You will be shot
  • You will be thanked
  • You will be treated like a moron and asked to leave

Here’s the sign.

 Texas Gun Store Posts Sign with Hilarious Warning that Gun Owners are Making Go Viral

Reddit user TrueHysteria17 first posted the sign.
Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2015/09/texas-gun-store-posts-sign-with-hilarious-warning-that-gun-owners-are-making-go-viral/#BWJth49miCvVc1s5.99

3 thoughts on “Texas Gun Store Posts Sign with Hilarious Warning that Gun Owners are Making Go Viral

  1. Yes I agree. This message is way too simplistic and clear. Hypocrisy reigns within OUR borders. We the people own and without controversy, fund all the funds which pay for the paychecks funding these out of control employees. Like you, I’m reaching my tolerance level. The problem is that when anyone is in my face threatening me, I can react with an appropriate response. But we’ve been having to deal with an enemy that uses psychological attacks that are designed to confuse us. ie. Democrat, Republican, Baptist, vs. Methodist, vs. Lutheran, vs. Isis etc. All of this fear/enemy/terror based. It’s all some type of terror, tyranny frear based threat where I have to say, is no different the imaginary spook in your closet. I don’t buy it nor am fearful of it. I will defend myself and others. This includes what thoughts come into me. This current ruling regime has ultimately lost already because there are those of us who know what is UP. The only reason the PTB are still getting away with their criminality is because the mind controlled dumbed down societies are walking in lock step with them. But that won’t say them. We, are awake, and we are waiting and ready to scrape the table clean of these vermin.

  2. Wow….It makes so much common sense! I love it.

    Unfortunately, to the sheeple, it doesn’t make any “Communist sense”.

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