8 thoughts on “That’s not a lake. That is a field with the Big Sioux River in it.

  1. The lake I live next to is 32 square miles. The lake we are at now, Diamond Lake, is a decent sized lake and it has real nice accommodations, we are having a blast.

  2. Been wadding in 10 inches of water since 8 am pulling things out of the basement.
    I knew the water was coming but just couldn’t get to the basement fast enough.

    There will more than likely be 4 to 5 feet of water down there before it’s done.

    1. Boy, that sucks. You have my sympathies, Hal.

      We have a lot of water here because we got another ten inches of snow during the “thaw”, but thank God my house is still high and dry.

      1. I call it Lake Effect Snow!
        This is the effect of 20 inches of snow in less then a week. That is half the season average here.
        Btw, only 15.5 inches of water in the basement.
        Hopefully that’s it, unless it rains north. 🙂

    2. Damn Hal,

      I misread your original comment, can’t believe that that was melt. Good luck Hal, that is one hell of a lot of water.

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