The 99% Movement and Attempts at Socialist Infiltration

The international corporate bankers, who have stolen $32 trillion of our wealth, have come together to finance a campaign designed to demonize and destroy the 99% Occupy movement.  You see the bankers have put the word out to the GOP candidates, saying that whoever does the best job of attacking the protesters will receive the biggest cash payment, and all but Ron Paul are sitting up on their hind legs with their tongues hanging out like dogs around the supper table.

Newt Gingrich, speaking at a forum on social issues, said the protesters need to be told to take a bath and get a job.  This, from a man who should be sitting in a federal prison for the crimes he has committed.

The mainstream propagandists are putting on quite a display for the international corporate mafia, showing how they can propel a candidate from literally nothing to the top, overnight.  Not that their phony polls represent reality in the smallest degree, only displaying the media power the money of the corporate elite represents.

But as we have said before, money is not going to decide the 2012 election, our numbers are.  And every one of these politicians that presents themselves as a candidate that will go with money and media in opposition to the will of the people, is saying in essence, that the 2012 election is going to be stolen from the 99% by the 1% through fraud supported by propaganda.

Think about it.  These politicians are saying they are willing to tell 99% of the population to go to hell in order to receive the financial support of the 1%.  That is, all but Dr. Ron Paul, who knows that the 99% and the internet are going to decide the election and not the money of the 1% and the propaganda machine.

Now let’s go to the other side of the false left-right paradigm, the soviet socialists.  There was a comment on the board yesterday that questioned whether I know the difference between socialism and communism, as the writer contended I tend to use them simultaneously.  Well I will make it as clear as I can to the morons out there who think they can argue the cause of socialism within the bounds of our Constitution.

Communism is the fairy tale used to sell socialism.  Socialism is the center stepping stone to dictatorships.  All that any patriotic American needs to know about socialism, communism, national socialism, and fascism is that they are in direct contradiction to the individual freedoms and liberties contained in the Bill of Rights for our Constitution.  They are power through the collective rather than absolute rights for the individual.

At the end of the march I attended the other day, the first thing the socialists attending did was try to get everyone present to sign on and become a part of their new ‘committee’.  Now, the word ‘committee’ translated into Russian is ‘soviet’, so these socialists were standing on the steps of our courthouse in Klamath Falls, Oregon enacting soviet socialism, which is the system of government the Soviet Union ruled under, calling it communism.  So you socialists can stick your word play up your arses.

As previously mentioned, socialism is collective rights and directly attacks individual rights, thus socialism is an alternate form of government to that which is contained in the body of our Constitution.  In short, it is a violation of our laws.

Those socialists in Klamath Falls were without question committing constructive treason against the Constitution of the United States of America, standing on our courthouse steps.  This is a crime.  I want everyone to know who signed on with these socialists; you are now part of a list of traitors.  Whether you signed on through ignorance or wanton disdain for our free Republic is not going to matter to we the people when we cut the rot from our country that socialism represents.

The socialists were the majority at that little rally because they arranged it.  But I could see it in the eyes of the little traitor leading them that he knew exactly what he was doing.  And behind his eyes I saw fear because he knows as I know that any attempt to overthrow the Constitution of the United States through any type of insurgency is a capital offense.

I tell all you socialists out there and anyone stupid enough to sign their names to one of your committee lists; we are the American people of the American race, we are 40 million heavily armed individuals, and we are going to punish you for your crimes in bringing your treasonous asses to justice.

God bless the Republic, death eternal to the international corporate mafia and their socialist ground troops, we the free patriotic citizens of the united States of the Americas shall prevail.

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