The 99%, the 99ers, Labor Unions vs. Constitutionalists

The noted social communist, Michael Moore, made an appearance at the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York.  During the broadcast it was suggested that the cause there had no definable goal.  This is plain unmitigated bullshit and it is not going to be allowed to stand.

The majority of the protesters are long term unemployed, 99ers, who have been organizing on the internet for a couple of years now.  We have been removed from the mainstream media and sites like From the Trenches have been viciously attacked in an attempt to hide our numbers and our resolve.

I warned in several articles last year that the labor unions would try to use the 99ers as front line cannon fodder for their push to regain the political power they have lost in following the hard core social communist Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat.

The labor unions saw their power paling in comparison to that represented by the millions upon millions of long term unemployed who came from the middle class, which is made up of patriotic, Constitution loving Americans, who recognize labor unions as the social communistic, non-profit corporation’s they are.

Now they think they are going to redefine the revolution by changing the 99ers for the reinstitution of the Republic under the Constitution to the 99% led by the labor unions for the institution of national social communism in the United States.  These fraudulent traitors are trying to say we do not know what we want.  Bullshit.  We have been stating it for some time now.

  1. End CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT.
  2. End the Federal Reserve.
  3. Throw all illegals from other countries out.
  4. Seal our borders.
  5. Tax the monies American corporations have sitting in foreign banks.
  6. Put a 90% tax on all monies leaving the United States destined for foreign investments.
  7. Stop all exports of our natural resources except in the form of manufactured goods; tables not boards.
  8. Put a 70% tariff on all imports.
  9. Retrieve the $30 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia through fraud.
  10. Use those retrieved monies to establish a fund to make interest free loans to American entrepreneurs, regardless of their credit score.

Let it be made clear.  Our brothers and sisters who are members of the labor unions are more than welcome to join us in the fight for the restitution of the Republic under the Constitution as Americans of the American race.  But if the labor unions try turning our constitutional revolution into a communist revolution they are going to find their minority status is going to put them in the same position as the traitors on Wall Street.

Make no mistake, the labor unions, at the top of their power structure, are the social communist insurgents led by Barack Obama and they are using their membership to further their cause as sure as the neo-cons are using those in the Republican Party still stupid enough to believe the false left-right paradigm.

I have no problem fighting under the banner of the 99% receiving a mere 10% of the wealth procured through the resources of our country, but we have to throw this communist ploy right back in their faces.  Let those marching under the banner of the 99% take the percentage sign off, replace it with an “ers”, and register as non-partisan.  Let us make it absolutely, unequivocally clear as to who this united force is and that our goal is the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution for freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity for all of the American people of the American race.

I will make it clear, we will not join in the union busting, but then again we will not sacrifice ourselves to procure further unconstitutional union power, which is an affront to us as individuals.

In short, we are going to destroy the consolidation of power which has been accomplished through corporations and labor unions, not by outlawing them, but by reinstating the Constitution and our personal rights and liberties, which will bring the corporations and unions to the level of the individual and make them impotent to control our lives.  There will be labor unions and corporations, but they will not be allowed to consolidate money and power for the purpose of controlling the individual.

In fact if corporations and labor unions want to spend the wealth they have accumulated in destroying one another, all the better, as an individual free sovereign entrepreneur operating in a true free enterprise system with real constitutional currency, has need for neither.

No matter what, we the constitutional patriots of the United States outnumber all others thousands to one and we cannot allow the social communist unions nor the neo-cons to take us off point one degree.  And any person who does not want to unite under the banner of our Constitution is our enemy and will be destroyed.

To all true patriots reading this article we at From the Trenches call on you to spread this message to every corner in every venue throughout the web.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “The 99%, the 99ers, Labor Unions vs. Constitutionalists

  1. Where is everybody? Get up, there is work to be done; eggs to hatch and cats to kill, neo-cons to confront and communists to combat. So roll up your sleeves, crack your knuckles, and let’s get to work.

  2. Right on,Henry.Michael Moore doesn’t understand the difference between capitalism and corporatism.If these people don’t know what they want how did they wind up on Wall Street?Coincidence?

    1. I feel the same way. Constitution comes first. Everything else will fall into line after that. I wish we saw more Ron Paul signs marching instead of huge Unions.

  3. Henry,
    I can’t do anything when it comes to hatching the eggs……………. Coons got in and killed my chickens.
    I would love to give this cat setting behind me a lead pill though. The damn thing just sets here and meows non stop. I never realized how much I disliked cats (at least this one) until I got laid off.
    I’ve been preaching the same 10 things you have listed for years. Back when they first opened up NAFTA I flipped over it. I think back then many people thought I was a nut case. Even my wife and kids. They all see what I was talking about very clear now that most of them have lost their jobs and unemployment.

    1. Yes, it is truly amazing how effective propaganda can be during times of prosperity. I guess the mind just gets lazy and then when reality comes crashing in, vanity and pride take over. In short, people hate to admit when they have been made a fool of, especially when they have spent years looking down their arrogant noses at their detractors.

    1. Michael Moore….pragmatic opportunist at worst….confused extremist idealist at best. He’s probably somewhere in the middle would be my take.

      1. Bottom line for me is “end capitalism” is the statement of a person whose mind is not working. What is that supposed to lead to? Anybody who buys into that is not someone I would even converse with.

  4. I think contractor’s should be added to one of the current labor unions like oil and steel workers. I mean I’m working at one of the very rich and powerful manufacture’s of fossil fuels in the world and half of the people working through out the corporations are all contractors. We get no benefits no permanent jobs and our professional job rate gets skimmed by shady employment agencies. The people need to push to stop the employer abuse because it is happening to much out here.

    1. Oh yeah! They love to sub everything out displacing the licensing, insurance liability, and EPA compliance(nearly impossible) to independents. It also saves on payroll tax, benefits costs, IRA contributions, and employer social security payments forcing that sector of their labor force to absorb these costs while, as you point out, their labor value is driven down in the market by these parasitic “agencies”. The home improvement industry is moving fast toward destruction by these factors. It won’t be long until the independent contractor is nonexistent. Pathetic!

      1. I forgot to mention that independents are also supplying required transport vehicles, rental fees for high cost specialty equipment, tools, job consumed accessories such as blades, drill bits and expensive fasteners all of which must be included in bids which, as the manipulated market drives pricing in favor of the principals, continue to become increasingly competitive.

        It’s disgustingly absurd how blinded they are by greed. (perverted ambition) The thing that boggles my mind is that they can’t see the obvious fact that they are moving toward their own destruction as well. It’s a pathologically ravenous creature eating itself which is too stupid to know what it is actually doing. This is the behavior of an addict. The entire world is being controlled by the least intelligent, most short sighted, unwise individuals on the planet. That sure ain’t who I want driving MY bus! If this doesn’t get turned around humanity is doomed to vanish.


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