11 thoughts on “The arrest of 73 year old Karen Garner

  1. There was a time in America when medical emergencies had precedent over police actions, but it appears those days are long gone. To protect and serve does not mean to attack and injure. I keep wondering if many of these police brutality matters are not linked to cities hiring former military and training programs being too short. Norway trains their police for two years and then sends them out onto the streets unarmed. The result is there are no police murders of civilians, unlike American stats which show about 100 murders per month. I suspect we need to lengthen police training and have that training include methods of diffusing potentially violent situations without harming the civilian. As it is now, some of our police are about as violent and dangerous as any sociopathic criminal who wants to kill others.

    1. OR… completely do away with a corporate system that employs thugs to protect it against the people! THAT is the root cause of the problem John. Once that ILLEGITIMATE system that sees you as a “civilian” (which I am NOT!) & all its traitorous employees are removed we can then start talking about what type of “peace officers” the people might train & employ. You can’t fix a system that was designed to enslave you from the get go! Get your head right!

    2. Senior citizens and Veterans are prime targets of the gestapo police state because senior citizens and Veterans teach, support and preserve the U.S. and State Constitutions.

      1. Note to myself: Okay, I’ll take a shot. Henry be at my side.

        Hello MorningStar. It’s The Bill of Rights we stand for here, not The Constitution which does not protect free sovereign individuals; this is evidenced and most clearly noted in the beginning phrase of the 14th Amendment, section 1:

        “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States…”

        We are NO ONE’S “subject.”

        As for seniors and veterans… Some hold the wisdom of freedom; some do not. Sadly, many veterans thought they were defending freedom but were actually fighting Israel’s wars and murdering innocents. If you’d ask me who the “prime targets” are, I’d say truth-tellers, people who see the lies and other atrocities, and risk everything to expose them. People who are willing to fight.


        1. I respect vets who realize the error of their ways and make penance for their crimes against the People for serving the infiltrated zog and humanity.

          *Galen, thanks so much for birthday wishes and the kind compliment! I learned a heck of a lot from Henry and many here, yourself included. “The man who knows everything has much to learn.” I enjoy digging and finding evidence that proves what my lying eyes don’t believe is real, sometimes, but it usually is right on the surface any more.

    1. Yeah, the kind of money police scum bags make, who can blame them, right Frank? What 300 grand a year including overtime, and all you can steal? Sound about right Frank?

      Goddamn pigs make corporate bank…Steal like gangsters

  2. If I’d have been the daughter that was being interviewed, ( a bit dramatic imo, not to lessen her concern for her mom) I’d have been outraged, untearyeyed, and saying our family will get justice on our own terms, got it! We are just another casualty across this country by these psychos!

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