The Austin Bombings are Fake

Abel Danger – by Miles Mathis

First published March 25, 2018

I lived in Austin for twenty years (until 2000) and my family is still there. I just talked to my brother on the phone, and he was all over this story, trying to sell it to me. I finally told him I didn’t believe any of it, and he wasn’t happy to hear that. He couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t believe what the media was telling me. He told me the murderer’s parents went to his church. I said, “Yes, and can you verify that? Have you met them? Have you seen them on the list of members?” No. His reply was,“Why would these people lie?” 

We will get to that, but first let us look at the event. As my readers know, I normally let the Youtubers have a go at these contemporary events, then I come in a couple of weeks later and sort through it all. I can’t do that anymore, because Youtube has been cleansed in the past few months. It no longer allows researchers to post their work on these hoaxed events. It no longer allows “conspiracy theories”. All that has been forcibly shut down at the request of the government, which should concern you. Yes,there was a lot of crap on Youtube, and most of the research on any given event was worse than useless. However, a good researcher like me used to be able to find a few good links there. It is very discouraging to go to Youtube now and find nothing but government-approved news. I encourage you to boycott Youtube. I think you can survive without your Bieber and Swift videos, cat videos, and FlatEarth promotions.

That’s right: despite shutting down other forms of dissent and so-called conspiracy theories, Youtube is not cracking down on Flat Earth at all. In fact, it seems to be promoting and up listing Flat Earth like never before. That should tell you what to think of Flat Earth. The government seems to have no problem with it. It is an important part of the NASA and SpaceX promotion, as I have shown you before. It acts as the perfect manufactured opposition for NASA and SpaceX.

So anyway, I guess it is up to me to blow the cover of this one on my own, without any help. First,look at the photos of the alleged bomber above. This event might be subtitled “Fear the Smiling Schoolboy”. No matter how nice and innocent the boy next door might look, he could be a serial bomber, killing people just for fun. Intelligence has been running events like this for centuries. Remember Leopold and Loeb, the two rich white college boys in 1924 who allegedly kidnapped and murdered a local boy just for the thrill? That was the same sort of event, and like this one it never happened. Back then they were just creating a general chaos, to help sell the police force and jails, but now we can see this event as part of the long running project to split the sexes. This will just confirm once again to women that men and boys are dangerous and untrustworthy. If you are a normal heterosexual having trouble meeting someone of the opposite sex, your trouble is not accidental or unplanned. Your misery is part of a long-intended project, one that enriches the billionaires mightily. It was discovered long ago that miserable single people spend far more money on worthless crap than happy couples.

The Washington Post tells us the two victims who died in the Austin bombings were Anthony StephanHouse, 39, and Draylen Mason, 17, both black men from East Austin. But the big computers have never heard of them. I searched both Intelius and Instant checkmate. Neither has any listing for an Anthony House of that age in Austin. That is what I expected, given that middle name. It looks like a fake. The middle name is normally spelled Stephen or Stefan. Instant checkmate has no listing for Draylen Mason, either. In fact, there is no Draylen Mason of any age in the entire US. Meaning, the name is fake. I suspected that as soon as I saw it. Have you ever heard of a person named Draylen? Intelius has a listing for a Draylen Mason in Austin, but his age is not listed. As we will soon see, that is a big red flag. There we are told he has worked at Mason Productions. Sounds like a film studio or something, doesn’t it? Since we are told he is a college-bound senior in high school, when did he have time to work for a production studio? Also note the name Mason, as in Freemason. My guess that is not just a coincidence.

Someone should ask exactly which Austin high school this Draylen Mason was supposed to have attended, and check the files there. My guess is you won’t find him. According to a story posted by Jeremy Schwartz at the American Statesman, he is supposed to have gone to East Austin College Prep School. First, notice the name Schwartz, a Jewish name. We could have predicted that as well. Anyway, East Austin Prep didn’t exist when I lived in Austin, but it already sounds fishy. A prep school in East Austin with a goal of sending 100% of students to college? For those who don’t know, East Austin is the poor side of town. Like many towns of all sizes, Austin is still segregated by color, and the area east of I35 has always been far more heavily Hispanic and Black. Since even the rich high schools on the west side of town don’t send 100% to college, it is sort of strange to see a free public Prep School on the East Side claiming to do so. On the surface, it looks and sounds like a nice idea, I admit, but I am not really buying it. It doesn’t fit with my long personal experience of Austin or Austin politics.

Also strange is that Schwartz says that “according to Mason’s Facebook page” he is a senior at that school. Hmmm. So these reporters are getting their information from Facebook, despite the fact the event was local? Wouldn’t you expect Schwartz to confirm that with the school, in which case he could write, “according to the school, Mason was a senior there”. Why consult and quote Facebook on this? The newspaper is about 10 minutes from the school, so—given the importance of this story—if I wereSchwartz I wouldn’t telephone the school. No, I would want to get in the car and drive over there, so I could talk to someone face to face. The fact he is quoting Facebook is incredible.

What about Mason Productions? A search on that brings up nothing except Mason Jar Films in Austin.It only has a few clients, but one of those is Ronald McDonald House Charities. Mason Jar is not run by a black family, so I see no family connection to Draylen Mason. If you thought he was working fora family business in the summers, I found no indication of that. The connection once again seems to be the word Mason, as in Freemason.

The Post also admits another strange “coincidence”: the Masons and Houses of East Austin are close friends. What are the odds? Anthony House’s stepfather is a buddy of Draylen Mason’s grandfather, and “both are prominent fixtures in the black community”. So this kid Mark Anthony Conditt kills two people in a city of 2 million, and their families end up being friends? What are the odds?—well, one in a million.

That indicates one of two things: 1) Conditt knew these people and specifically targeted them for some reason, 2) Conditt knew these people and didn’t target them. Meaning, they all knew each other because they were working the same project. They are all accomplices in manufacturing this event. The Post leads you to believe it might be 1), but it is far more likely to be 2). Why? Because, according to the main stream story, there is no reason for Conditt to be targeting these specific families. But we know there is a reason for these people to be working together: it is part of the general script these days. We know Intelligence is manufacturing many events, and we have seen that some of them are being scripted to increase distrust between whites and blacks. See the Trayv on Martin event, the Charleston event, and so on. So we know the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is paying people to be involved in these hoaxes. Therefore, the best bet is that is what is happening here. It has all the same earmarks as previous fakes, so we should just assume it is another one until proven otherwise.

Please go to Miles Mathis to read the entire essay.

Abel Danger

2 thoughts on “The Austin Bombings are Fake

  1. The Austin bombings may well have been fake, but there’s absolutely no proof of that in this article.

    It’s all speculation and conjecture, and in my opinion, a bit of a reach.

  2. I have to admit that I get little leery of anyone who automatically labels something as “fake” or a “false flag” without some evidence or proof. If I lost a family member or friend to any kind of attack and people were saying that my family member or friend never existed and I’m some sort of agent working for the CIA or part of some other covert operation, I would definitely confront such a person and set the record straight.

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