The Bankers Really, Really Want Us All Dead

Video Rebel’s Blog, March 20, 2013

I warn you that this essay and the accompanying videos will not be like any you have ever seen on this blog. The other day I wrote of five events leading to disaster. The first was the BP Horizon oil spill on Hitler’s birthday 4-20-2010. A toxic dispersant Corexit was used to send the oil to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico out of sight of the 50 million residents of the area though oil slicks have appeared on the Gulf of late. On 3-11-2011 I believe the elite attacked Japan with a man made earthquake off the coast of Fukushima.

Tests of the air filters of Japanese autos  has revealed that Fukushima has produced 300 times as much radiation as Chernobyl. HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is an ionospheric heater. It heats the ionosphere and manipulates weather and can cause earthquakes. HAARP has been used to manipulate weather systems and guide  radioactive plumes from Fukushima to major population centers in Canada and the US including Washington and Toronto.  

Radiation and Corcxit work together synergistically to do ten times or more damage to your body than they would do separately. This would also be true of other chemicals in common use around the home and work place including agriculture. That is why the attack on the Gulf had to precede the multiple meltdowns at Fukushima. They needed the Corexit to be there waiting for the radiation to arrive.

They have made the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico toxic so now we wait for planned events 3, 4 and 5. As I said previously, the third of the five events will in my opinion be the explosion of the 18.8 millions barrels of butane and propane stored in salt caverns adjacent to that 13 acre sinkhole in Assumption Parish (county) Louisiana. There is additionally another salt cavern there that is used to store radioactive waste. There is situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the New Madrid fault zone.

A likely scenario is that the sinkhole explodes causing a man made 6.0 plus earthquake. This would be followed by a series of New Madrid quakes and a severe disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico. A quake and/or volcano in the Gulf would flood the neighboring areas of the Caribbean, Mexico and the US with a tsunami of toxic radioactive Corexit and petroleum.

Also please note that methane hydrate lines the bottom of the Gulf and the oceans. Methane hydrate has been melting of late all over the world. When it is heated, it bubbles up as methane. Methane is flammable but not as explosive as butane. In the past mass methane releases have killed everyone in wide areas. Four of the salt caverns are filled with methane.
The latest word is that oil has seeped into all of the caverns. Work has been abandoned due to the constant rumblings from the collapsing salt walls. Seismic monitors at the site recorded hundreds of micro quakes daily.

In ancient times men predicted earthquakes by noticing the activities of animals. I remember seeing a news clip of a police dog running out of a police station with a look of terror on his canine face. A stunned cop was startled by the dog. Seconds later the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake shook the police station. I once met a man whose father died at the 1980 Mt St Helens volcano three days after the animals had left. The traditional explanation for the wisdom of animals is that they are more aware of magnetic changes.

There are a couple of YouTube channels that have had success at predicting earthquakes using scientific readings of magnetism.
One is SuspiciousObservers who is a proponent of the Electric Universe theory. The other has a video covering events 4 and 5 which is the last one below. He has found historical evidence in the scientific literature of Boom noises before the 1906 San Francisco and the 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes as well as others. In the interview below Lance also correlates buoy activity indicating shifts on the Indo-Australian tectonic plate to subsequent earthquakes. He did this six times in a row. He also noticed a swarm of Booms and smaller earthquakes on a diagonal going across the New Fault zone. He is wary of a series of New Madrid quakes and Indo-Australian plate shift. The latter could wipe out human life all around the Pacific Ocean and send more than a dozen nuclear reactors into the ocean.

The Globalists have been talking of reducing the world population to a billion or so people. What they are not saying is that they want only a few million  people left below the earth in underground cities. They do not want you to know that the plan is to kill more than 99% of us. The reason being is that the military would rightfully conclude that they are not included on the survivor’s list.

Hint to the military, the spies, the police, the assassins and the security forces: If the drills you do, do not include you taking your family with you to a secure underground facility, then you are on the list of people to be killed.

This same memo should also be given to the news media, the school teachers, the college professors, administrators and all Foundation grant recipients. If you do not have a home waiting for you deep underground where you will spend the rest of your life, then you might as well start making alternative plans right now for your future.

And that as they say is the fly in the ointment for the Globalist plan to kill us all.

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