The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III

Video Rebel’s Blog  To drive the final nail into the coffin of the bankers we must tell everyone this:

The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III

Drive this point home to everyone in the 911 Truth Movement, to every anti-war activist and to anyone who will listen.

Why? The number of billionaire bankers in the world is miniscule. They only get what they want from our governments because millions of people in government, in the police, in the intelligence services, in the military and in the media go along to maintain their position.

But, what if they saw the world on the brink of economic chaos and World war III? What if they knew Israel did 911 with the help of Zionist traitors inside the American government? That is precisely what Dr Alan Sabrosky, a former Director of Studies at the Army War College, has been telling his former colleagues.

Today the anti-war activist’s very best friend just might be a general or an admiral inside the Pentagon. Look at the Mideast and World War III from the perspective of a professional military officer.

Israel has been threatening to attack Iran in September prior to the UN General Assembly vote on Palestinian statehood. Iran has said they will respond to an Israeli attack by attacking American troops and that they will fire 11,000 missiles and artillery shells in the first minute. They can sink the entire US Persian Gulf fleet in minutes.

The Iranians have Russian made anti-ship missiles designed to sink American aircraft carriers. They also have Chinese and NATO made anti-ship missiles. The Iranians also have rocket artillery with ranges of 100 and 150 kilometers ( 62.1 and 93.2 miles.)

Simultaneously with sinking our Persian Gulf fleet, the Iranians will cut off oil coming out of the Gulf. This will send oil soaring past $300 a barrel. The American economy will collapse. Ten dollar a gallon gasoline will impoverish tens of millions of Americans.

Muslims will respond to the Israeli and American genocide of their brothers and sisters by cutting off supplies to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iranians will send up to 100,000 suicide volunteers into Iraq and Afghanistan armed with shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles, IEDs, automatic weapons and 50 caliber sniper rifles. When our troops have no supplies and the Iranians have shot down our helicopters, our soldiers will be lucky to get out alive.

But the men inside the Pentagon also need to know that the bankers want them to lose WWW III. Tell them that the passage of NAFTA in 1994 resulted in sending 50,000 American factories overseas. In 2011 America’s supply lines extend 8,000
miles to China and even then only on a dodgy credit card. It is by design that America must lose a protracted conflict fought without China’s permission.

The bankers want America to lose World War III so the soon to be impoverished citizens cannot demand both the arrest of the bankers and the return of the tens of trillions they stole. They also want to fold a weakened America as a destroyed and failed state into the New World Order with all power securely in the hands of multi-billionaires.

The professionals in the Mossad know that Netanyahu’s plan to attack Iran and start WW III in September is insane. To make sure that Israel is told by the US military that they will not be allowed to attack Iran we need to hammer this home to everyone in the world and particularly to the US military:

The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III

I do not believe Israel will be allowed by the Pentagon to attack Iran because we are winning the information war. And I also do not believe there will be another 911 mass casualty event on American soil for that same reason. Too many people have listened to us. Too many people know the truth. We have just passed the tipping point.

Now is not the time to give up. The economy is crashing and everyone will listen to anyone with answers.

Drive this point home:

The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III

We won. Their Games are over. We are very close to permanently canceling World War III and all future 911 type events. When their system crashes with the dollar, we will inherit the government. We will demand arrests, trials, forfeitures of assets and serious reforms. Our day is coming sooner than you think.


15 thoughts on “The Bankers Want America To Lose World War III

  1. Of course they do. World war is big business and the losers become slaves for, I mean guests of, foreign bankers and overseas CEOs. Obama can kill off an entire generation of American 19 to 25-year-olds and they won’t even see it coming. Getting rid of that group gives the jobs back to the elder generation (and whatever new country is in control) and they’ll be so grateful they’ll monetarily support whoever is in office.

  2. For the bankers, the ideal outcome of this rampant violence would be a return to the Britannia uber alles status quo.

  3. The comment from George Soros, that China should lead the new world order should be taken very seriously, since it is a preplanned scenario rather than accidental economic outcome. I do agree that inbreed bastards such as Rottenchilds and Co. are planning the final feast on the american people, to loot the continent and simply move on to the next. It has been happening for decades now and yes, a destroyed nation can hardly retaliate, when them inbreed f*cks will be flying their private jets to Shanghai. So yes it is in their interest that america gets destroyed before the awakening reaches a tipping point.

  4. Bonnie,
    You would blame the American people because you don’t understand that it’s not us, but the politicians and bankers who have been raveging the environment. I don’t know what you believe, but the facts are all there if you look into it. Almost the whole world has been decieved by the same group of elitists. You need to do some research before you point your finger at the civilians in America, the things our government has been doing are a shame to the human race, and they do not represent the majority of our people. Please view this link and educate yourself before you throw stones.

  5. I guess Bonnies comment got removed, what she said is the image our government has most of the world believing about us. It is a shame. Propaganda is nothing more than nasty rumors and lies of the enemy…. Satan truly has the world by the short n curlies!

    1. Point in case is: Should one remove the thoughs that are present in great parts of mankind like they don’t exist? Or should one leave them, and counter them with arguments attacking the reasons behind it.

      “You would blame the American people because you don’t understand that it’s not us, but the politicians and bankers who have been ravaging the environment.”

      Same with is valid for Jews and Zionists.

      1. We try to keep From the Trenches as free of trolls as possible as it is their goal to break our train of thought and destroy our conversations.
        Bonnie was a sleeper, waiting for the moment she thought she could cause an effect. Believe it or not there are people being paid with our tax money to attempt to infiltrate our comments section, which is one of the best on the net and growing exponentially.
        From the Trenches belongs to us all and it is very gratifying to me personally when I see our people step up in it’s defense.

        1. You’re right, Henry. I’ve been seeing a lot of new names posting in the last month or so.

          Funny how those trolls refuse to reply to me when I call them on their comments. LOL


          1. Just so you know…I am one of those that just started coming here and commenting recently. This isn’t the only site I visit or comment on, but will have to concede that it is one of the best. For that, I thank you…for the site, and the great comments.
            Since I don’t only come here, sometimes I do not come back to see who commented on ME. I don’t feel the need to anyway. If I comment, it’s the way I see stuff, and will stay with truth as I know it, every time.
            So, please don’t think of me as a coward because I don’t comment on your comment about my comment…I didn’t come back to look. (I’m not saying I think you think of me as a coward, but just in case you do)
            Rest assured, that if I DO come back and see a comment to mine, I will absolutely address it every time…even if I have to swallow my pride and concede that I was wrong..which doesn’t happen very often to me from people that are real and not trolls or nobodys …as I’m sure it happens to almost all others at one time or another. Noone has perfect knowledge.(although, everyone’s take on matters is educational, even trolls*L*)
            Again, thank you for the site. Thank you for the great comments..thats not just for you Hatr..thats for each and every one of the ‘real’ commenters.

            This is a great site, and I am very pleased to have found it.
            It seems that alot of other sites that are semi-credible are starting to go the way of corruption, personal vendetta, and just all-out fear-mongering and have left their real purpose behind.

            I look forward to more from ftt in the future.

            I have two sayings that I use…
            “Truth only hurts and angers those that are liars, and those that lay with liars” and
            “Who is gonna fight harder? Those that think they have everything, or those that know they have nothing?”
            I can’t credit anyone with any of these, because I didn’t read them from anywhere. I just came up with them.

            Just thought I’d share that with everyone.


            ~Blessed Be to all~

          2. That’s the reason I only write for and post on this site anymore. All the regulars are honest truthers, and any trolls that show up get slammed and rarely return.

            Stick around, Whizerd67, we’re not always totally serious, we have a lot of fun with some of the articles posted here. lol

          3. Thanks…I don’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon, but I won’t post as much as others do on here, because I do go to other sites just to get most of the bits and pieces I can to a story/subject to make informed comments on things I am concerned with or about. That takes alot of time on some days, and I may not get to this site that day or something. But I figure, from what I’ve seen, and since I now have this site on my speed-dial, I’ll be coming a little more often than I have been. *L* But I figure I still wont come back often to see what anyone commented to me about my comment.
            1) Sometimes time doesn’t aloow it, or there are more pressing subjects to read…
            and 2) I have a computer symptom that I self-named, and I call it “icantmultitaskworthadamn-ism”.
            Again..thanks. I look forward to the issues and comments.

            ~Blessed Be to all~

    1. Bankers want America to lose WWIII….hmmm..
      Thats ok, because most of America wants the bankers to lose!*nod*
      And who’s gonna win? Well….In the case of a WWIII, the answer is a resounding ‘NOBODY wins’.
      “Who’s gonna fight harder? Those that think they have everything, or those that know they have nothing?”

      Any bets? No money, just bartering material please. *L* I have no, and have no use for, money, at this point.
      I’ll put-up a case of beer. Don’t need that much now-a-days either.(shrug)

      The troops need to AWOL and mutiny right effin NOW…before it’s too late to do anything worthy of good change. I am starting to feel it’s too late though, but will lay my life down just the same. Even if it IS too late, that doesn’t change truth….never will.
      I feel that this is the one thing that would begin the changes needed to most everything in this country..and frankly, most others.
      The big open-mouthed AWE from the bankers and other ptb would be enough of a pause to get it going.
      With the individualized protests against the U.S. going on all over the world…(because of a stupid film?? Yeah right!)… It’s gonna be hard to do ANYTHING domestically to change things now, unless the troops, artillery, equipment, etc. make it back soon.
      At least if they were here, they might be able to do something useful..such as..fight for America maybe?

      ~Blessed Be to all~


    Never forget that bankers greed from the World Trade Centre blood, and the lies and miselling of mortgages and manipulation of people, created this world financial crisis. This BBC video explains how it was done and shows some of the leading players. It goes onto say why the governments relaxed the regulations and then were forced to help the banks with our tax money, and how the bankers are spending our money today. It’s all based on blood money and it’s sickening. Some of the 1% don’t deserve what they have. Please watch and get angry.

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