The Coming Ammunition Price Crash

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Government purchases of Ammunition and Panic Buying has taken all of the ammunition out of the supply chain.  .22 LR is now selling for nearly 5 times what it used to sell for.  Some ammunition manufacturers have gone into 24 hour production cycles to fill some of the need.

If you are buying ammunition at these jacked up prices you are throwing your money away.  When the supply chain catches up to demand, and it will, there will be an oversupply of ammunition.  You will be able to buy ammunition at prices lower than what you could before the panic buying began.  

Here is a purchase I made in August of 2012 before the panic set in:

If you are paying more than this, then just STOP, wait.  All of us need to stop buying ammo, allow the supply chains to fill up and then we will be able to purchase ammo at prices below the above prices.

Here are some pricing guidelines for various random ammunition types, do not purchase until prices go below these:




Don’t waste your money and lets all work together to pop the ammunition price balloon.

Long term food storage is still inexpensive.  It will not be for long, now is the time to buy long term food storage.  At 25 years shelf life, this is a great investment of your money; money that will lose significant value in the coming years.

26 thoughts on “The Coming Ammunition Price Crash

  1. I don’t see how you can say stop buying ammo when these manufactures can be raided and shut down any day now just about like almost everything else. Do you really think the tyranny will just go away once all the ammo is bought up? There isn’t going to be any supply on the back end.

    1. Good point; there’s no guarantee that the gun hating clowns in DC won’t scribble some EO for Obama to sign blocking any more ammo purchases by citizens.
      If you have some cash, you should get some ammo.
      Things are unfolding rapidly & we can never know what will take place next week or month.

      1. Good point on the EO on banning ammunition purchases. I never thought of that one. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. An alternative theory, which didn’t occur to me until I was reading this article, is that ammo is another intentionally-blown bubble. Look at the velocity of money — nothing else seems to be shaking loose Americans’ cash. All they had to do to blow the bubble was to post contract solicitations for 2 billion rounds for DHS, ammo on IDIQ contracts that they don’t even have to actually buy or pay for. If the news yesterday that the Border Patrol is being told they don’t have enough ammo for normal scheduled training and practice is true, then the DHS is definitely not taking delivery of even a tiny fraction of what they “ordered”.

    None of this passes the smell test. DHS makes some pie-in-the-sky ammo orders for just a couple of calibers, which they don’t take delivery of, and the price of ammo goes through the roof for the rest of us and disappears off the shelves? I agree with this author — relax, stay at home, reload the brass you’ve got, and curtail your own shooting until this blows over.

  3. There’s no “supplies” going out, period. The Alliant/Speer factory in Lewiston, Idaho has made ZERO out bound civilian shipments in the last 4-1/2 months. One rail car load of military small arms ammo & one flat bed trailer loaded with military small arms ammo pots has gone out. From what I’m able to gather from other watchmen, the other sporting ammo suppliers are doing the EXACT same procedures: no supplies to the public. The powder suppliers are comtemplating closing storage facilities. Blackmarket pricing (Lewiston Tribune 6Apr13, brick 22rf@ $150/brick)

    DHS has standing “orders” placed with all the suppliers that includes non-combat small arms ammo. We are being lied to constantly about this ammo “drought”. Speculation on anybody’s part will leave their safety in the hands of this criminal government. Good Luck & Tactics,Warriors; we’ll need them both.

  4. There a few good points, The best I can say is buy what you can for ammo, but don’t sit on your money waiting for ammo that’s not there. People get side tracked looking for ammo when they are are sitting on a stock pile of it already… those 5.56 rounds are not going to be to tasty! ~ just saying

  5. I totally disagree with this article. I purchased a lot of what I have before the price boom, and I’m glad I did. I would still be buying it even at the current inflated prices, if you can call natural and normal supply and demand “inflated.” It is simply too important to have enough ammo to sustain the protection of myself and family during a protracted crisis to worry about a few extra FRN’s. With the govt buying ammo like gangbusters, I for one believe that it will be a long time before ammo prices drop, if ever. It’s just too important to worry about spending a few extra bones that may be worth next to nothing soon anyway. It’s possible that the value of these rounds could increase so much that they may as well be cased in gold! Don’t listen. Keep buying.

    1. I agree with you. The propaganda erupting from this site is astounding at times. Just as the job/economic situation is recovering at a rockets pace, ammo will surely be in overabundance within a couple months. HA! Buy it now, whenever you can. There are few Americans left to defend this country. Something is going on, and they don’t want us to be too heavily armed. Just as other empires have fell to ruin, so will ours! Out of the ashes will emerge a new country only if we are armed and ready to use our weapons on the traitors.

  6. I dont have any guns, so dont need ammo, and I have no silver/gold to trade in to buy ammo. 🙂 and I think obama will be the first president to actually get back to the basic rules of the Constitution….so we dont need there. 🙂
    I would write more, but I have a pro-UN meeting I have to attend.
    p.s. I have never masterbated either 🙂

  7. Of course ammo prices are going to go down. But not that much. Even when the ammo makers start shipping enough to fill the orders, the retailers aren’t going to lower prices. They love the huge profits they have made the last 5 months. We aren’t going to see the $5 box of 9mm, or $10 box of .45acp again. Who knows what primer prices will end up being. I know this is going to be an IPSC-less summer for me due to the shortages and prices.

  8. In a year, you will be able to print an AR except for the barrel, springs, and gas tube. The dumb money went into buying up excess guns.
    Ammo is another matter. I think DHS rumors had little to do with this rush. The prospect of gun control / confiscation and the civil war that it will absolutely bring has patriots, and newbys scrambling to build a stash.

    My ammo stash is worth 10 time what I paid in some cases, but I’m not selling, I’m topping off.

  9. If the ammo industry continues to feed the beast, the beast will eat them. They need to wise up and keep the people supplied as it is the people that will keep them in business.

  10. Once again, an EO is NOT a law and only applies to the executive branch, that is unless you just want to come right out and state we have a dictatorial form of government.

  11. The ammo shortage be it real or contrived is happening and we cannot get what we want like we used to. I can get ammo at a local store whenever I want and it costs more than before the Newtown event. I call it the 9/11 of the gun world. It changed everything forever.

    If you can get it, BUY IT. Period. Prices will not come down. It’s like food. As fuel prices went up so did food but when fuel prices drooped a bit did food? Nope.

    Higher ammo prices are here to stay for the near term. The makers and sellers know that people want it so there will always be a “premium” price now.

    Welcome to the “new normal” for ammo now.

  12. Also in response to “claymore” about printing ars, dont be stupid. That 3d printing shit is not even remotely practical. A machine of that capability costs in the tens of thousands. The idea of 3d printing is for models, not weaponized recievers designed to take immense punishment and abuse.

  13. Are people really insane enough to be paying this much? More than $100 for 500 rounds of .22???

    I’ve been buying that stuff all my life, and never spent much more than $20 for .22 LR to go out plinking with.

    The insane people stockpiling need to get a life. If they think the world is ending and their little hunting guns are going to be a match for military weapons…think again folks. You may like sore arses, but I ain’t bending over to let somebody F*** mine.

    1. Well given the land size of the US. Given only 850,000 of me and my fellow police most of which would turn on the government. combat arms of the military less than 7% of which half would turn on the government. It is very conceivable the government could not survive a domestic guerrilla war. Against waco government naturally won, but what if with the 3 million sovereign citizens resisting? People panic stop working. 3 million sovereign citizens against the US is similar to a mere 10,000 rebels in libya. We have higher tech but our resistance people are trained studied in this a few are vets. Paul Howe said given all the factors government could not sustain combat operations against its people. It would have to change attitudes over decades slowly removing dissenters. That is not happening. More people are joining the NRA and tea party the trend is reverse.

      What I see happening is a few more emergencies, another foreign war, and economic collapse with a scarcity of real jobs leads to an increase in dependency and crime.

      Buy 3m window laminate 4mm thick
      Buy Medeco locks

      Buy long term food and seeds to plant ammo and magazines and a few guns.

      Know your terrain look for places where second and third homes are popular (no long term residents) or actual residents. Get diesel vehicle since diesel fuel can be stored quite a while and a bug out plan. Gauze galore, antibiotics if possible, water cistern, partnerships with others.

  14. I’m afraid that ammo prices will resemble the price of gas in the US. Shoot them way up then let them slowly trickle back down, but not as low as the previous year…then shoot them up again and let them trickle down but still above the previous year. Repeat this insane pattern (as if we don’t notice) until we all feel that $3.80 per gal of gas and $.75 a per round for .223 is the new normal.

  15. You should have been regularly and frequently purchasing ammo. For example I have purchased .223 ammo for as low as .32 cents a round and most recently I purchased for .84 cents a round. Using dollar cost averaging methodology my average per round cost including any taxes and shipping is just under .48 cents per round. Sounds cheap by todays standards doesn’t it? I also try not to consume more than 10% of my supply before resupplying and always purchase more than i consume.

  16. Here is the real problem, what was just 7 months ago the normal average price for .22, 9mm, .308, .223 and 45ACP or otherwise known as the most manufactured ammunition in this country and Trillions of rounds have been manufactured anually to just come to a screaming halt is all BS.
    They will pass the AMMO tax first and that is how they will keep the prices high. Then after they pass the AMMO tax then they will enforce a Tax on all of us Gun owners based on how many weapons we own and how many we register. The ones who dont register they will confiscate first. Remember they have the database of most gun owners already.
    Do you go to the range, the sporting goods store, or are an NRA member?
    Guess what, we all fit the MO. They already have the master list of who buys what and who belongs to what group.
    Dont think that Law Enforcement doesnt know already how many guns you own when they come to your house or pull you over. The database that LE uses already has that Data.
    Just think and take a step back at all that has occured, its really simple, this is just like the summer of 2001 and then Sep 11th .
    This is just the next phase.
    Think about that for a minute. Be Prepared, Be a Patriot and Be part of the Cause of the right. Dont fall for the false sense of security, the BS about the economy and most of all dont fall for the LIES and DECEPTION.
    This is why my homeland (Greece) has fallen apart. People followed the Government with their promises like sheep follow the Wolves to the slaughter. Big government lures the weak and misguided then once they get the majority of these then they go for the strong by what? Hit them where they will feel it.
    Money is the issue here. In Europe, The US and everywhere. NO MONEY NO NOTHING and the ONE WORLD ORDER AKA the G20 know this.
    They control the playing field (Military Industrial Complex) They set the rules (UN) and they pick the weakest links to strike CONGO, SYRIA, EGYPT, LYBIA Etc.
    Now look at the big picture. Disarm your citizens and you have won half the battle. No armed citizens means no friction.
    A people who cant defend their property, their lives and their happiness is not a FREE PEOPLE!
    I dont see anyone in the streets here in the US protesting AMMO Prices, I dont see anyone here in the streets Protesting what the current REGEME is doing to quiet the real story about BENGHAZI, WOW THE IRS is picking on Conservatives and Tea Party members!!!
    While the Left wing moves in for the kill. This county is doomed when our own people dont go out and protest what is wrong and what our own politicians have created and continue to do.
    Does CCCP sound familiar?
    What were we told about the Soviets back in the 70’s and 80’s? They Lie to their people, they only show edited News casts, they hide the truth and cover up the real adjenda.
    Does that now sound more familiar?

    1. Protest, huh, you mean like the Greeks protested? We had our protests. This insurgent government has ignored our petitions. Now according to our framework, hence our Declaration of Independence, our course is clear. We have armed to the teeth and the talking part is done. This is the difference between a child throwing a fit on the floor and a 200 pound man stomping your ass. We are not going to beg this government for our God given rights, we are going to remove it and hang the traitors that thought they could conquer us. Just like we did the first time around, back in 1775.
      We all due respect, we are not Greeks. We are Americans and we are armed, and there is nothing more dangerous than an armed American when he becomes silent with not but a pissed look on his face. These insurgents are going to be wiped out and they know it and to say anything else is to not know us.
      I am an American national. I can trace my lineage back to the colonies. This country belongs to me and no son of a bitch is going to take it away.

      1. That is right Henry! The time for protest has been over now for some time – protesting does not settle anything with these modern day self serving manufactured laws. This is our country and we will not stand stand by chanting protest songs and carrying signs acting like we are making a difference by attending a damned protest march or begging some GD`ed poloticion for change – that is exactly what those law makers/PTB want. Ya know Henry this guy “Greek American Patriot” – and many others think that it is all about money, but I think that it is more about control and they use money as a tool to try to terrorize and control us and it is not working out very well for TPTB. Us American Nationals are inventive and very resorceful and we can get along on very little if need be. We own our country and the damned govt. does not own us or our country……… By the way, I can see that there may be some hangings perhaps and if so there will be many ropes being used so I was thinking about that double noose hangmans rope – ya know the kind that has two nooses – ya see that that way it would hang two on one rope at one time and also that way they could kick the crap out of each other as the last thing the two that are hanging from one rope would do. That may be a little loud though with those wind chimes though. Yep Henry, I do not think this Greek American Patriot has lived here in America very long thinking like he presents himself. He mentions the CCCP camps, well we had CCC camps back diring the depression I think it was back in the 1920`s or 30`s wasn`t it maybe earlier. I am sure some of us have heard about those CCC camps durring the great depression here in america.

  17. ammo is out there, I bought over 1,000 rounds each of 5.56 and .45 in the middle of the ammo drought and never paid a crazy price. Yes, it took me about a month to get it(going out to look for it 2 days a week) but I have plenty.

    1. If you didnt pay a crazy price, what price did you pay? I just saw .223 for .40 per rd this morning, this is $199.00 for 500 rds and still crazy to me.

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