4 thoughts on “The conformity of walking out

  1. Good post Galen. Here is what tipped the balance for me (I home schooled 2 kids, both went to college, both have degrees)…1. public school kids had to have SSNs (Bush’s NWO “birth then SSN” in 1991 was the reason I had my daughter at home in 1992, and WE, not Bush, decided when our kids were getting SSNs!), 2. public school kids must have all their vaccinations (WE, not the schools, decided when our kids got vaccinated!); 3. I was a certified public school teacher and guidance counselor who had taught in public schools and knew they were not bastions of learning; 4. knowing evolution is a bogus construct allowing atheists to “prove” God doesn’t exist, I was not about to force my kids to learn false science; 5. no bus service from the public schools to our rural remote area and gas stipend sucked; 6. no God allowed in public schools 7. It’s easy to home school in Texas …and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!,

  2. I organized a couple of great walk-outs when I was in high school. Those were the days. We kept the administration in fear, like real American kids should do.

  3. Slavery is freedom and conformity is individuality. tptb have long taken pride and great effort to make US beg for our enslavement while simultaneously making US pay for it from every angle.

    The misguided little twats have long ago been activated as agents of the state and make NO mistake, they ARE every bit as dangerous and should be treated as such. They remind of the little spiders in Minority Report.

  4. Methinks Josh may be getting an unannounced visit from DHS sometime soon.

    For being absolutely correct, of course.

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