The Constitution does constrain the President, for now?

obama_contempt2Save America Foundation – by J.Rizzola

President  Obama recently gave a speech in Colorado regarding the new gun laws that have  just been passed. As always Mr. Obama tried to give the impression that he had  the support of everyone and their brother as he had the local police force set  up behind him.

That same day the county sheriff made a video ridiculing such a  stunt and supporting the second amendment. We need more like him to take a  stand.  

What should be concerning people about this speech is the fact that this  President is the only president in U.S. history that seems to complain about the  constitution limiting the powers of government. He said plain as day while  mocking gun owners for being weary of government overreach that he is  constrained by the system our founders put in place.

The president is very  intelligent and calculating, he knows very well that he can’t just take our  rights. The only way we can lose our rights is if we voluntarily surrender them,  or by not knowing they exist in the first place.  (Can anyone say common core  curriculum?) That’s why from now until the 2014 elections the President and the  rest of the democratic socialists will be campaigning on the issue of gun rights  and an inability to stop gun violence because of the  constitution.

As it stands  right now there are 46 senators, all of which are democrat socialists who would  happily sign our rights away by ratifying the U.N small arms treaty. Keep in  mind that the U.N passed the language of the treaty and the President signed on  to it while nearly 1 in 5 countries around the world opposed it.

If the  democrats gain a stronger foothold in 2014 we can likely be facing the end of  the second amendment as we know it because there are enough useful idiots out  there to actually elect more gun control zealots into the senate.

It doesn’t  help when on the Republican Party you have progressive slime like John McCain  questioning the motives of filibustering gun control  legislation.

Most people  seem to understand that Mr. Obama is an extremely liberal president, but what I  am afraid people do not understand are the tactics he uses in conjunction with  what people are being conditioned with while in the education system.

Let’s take  critical thinking, a term we are all likely familiar with.  Critical thinking is a Marxist tactic  devised at the Frankfort school of social research and is being used to get our  kids to think critically about their culture, their beliefs and their parent’s  beliefs. This is also called values clarification. The child is encouraged to  examine their values from a stand point of there being no right or wrong and  then comparing these values with their culture and their parent’s worldview.

At the same there is virtually no  education on the constitution above an eighth grade level. Our constitution  requires an informed public to be involved in governance to be effective.  Today’s generations of twenty something’s know nothing, and I can only imagine  what is going to be presented in this “common core curriculum.”

When Mr. Obama  speaks of the constitution constraining him, his target audience, having been  educated by the left automatically view it as an oppressive document that ties  the hands of government from being able to do what they need to do to create the  perfect utopia.

Believe me folks; we are only a couple of generations away from  the masses demanding the constitution be done away with. We are already hearing  rumors of a constitutional convention; as long as the progressives are in  control we must oppose this at every turn.

The president  and his progressive cadre of gun grabbers were not expecting the kind of support  to spring up for the second amendment the way it had. Many of these states that  had passed gun control laws had done so by closing off the means of debate. They  silenced the people by passing the laws in the name of an emergency.

The bill in  Connecticut for example was 138 pages long and in usual fashion was presented to  the legislature two hours before an expected vote. These are the types of  tactics we can expect to see over the course of the next year or so. In the mean  time the schools will continue to push out students ignorant of the  constitution, trained in social justice and believing in the need of a  collective utopia; while the president continues to talk to them about how the  constitution places limits on his power to create it.

In essence, the  constitution constrains him now but if his tactics are successful he will have  conned the American people into sacrificing liberty for security while going  down in history as being the president that brought social justice to the  oppressive United States of America. Watching people closely for signs of  concern about what is happening around us,    I am not seeing an  overwhelming amount of people who seem to give a damn.

4 thoughts on “The Constitution does constrain the President, for now?

  1. I hope a seagull poops on his stuck up nose. They can cover alot of area you know, and do it while in flight i.e. dive bomb! Hee hee 🙂

    . . .

  2. What part of the “right to bear arms will not be infringed” does the executive and congressional branches of the United States government NOT UNDERSTAND? And do their oaths to preserve, defend and protect mean nothing anymore?

  3. “The bill in Connecticut for example was 138 pages long and in usual fashion was presented to the legislature two hours before an expected vote.”

    I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone, politician or not, would decide to vote on something or sign something that they have NO IDEA what they are voting or signing on. It just makes no logical sense.

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