The Deadly Chemtrail Agenda

[Reposted from August 2, 2012]

One of the most noticeable and obvious aspects of the New World Order’s plans for global domination is chemtrails. It is also one of the least understood of those plans, insofar as it’s multiple applications.

The ‘government’ has lied to us for years (surprise!) about chemtrails, claiming they were nothing more than contrails. Contrails are what occur when planes reach a certain altitude (30,000 ft.), and the heat from the engines create vapor trails, which tend to dissipate at the same rate the plane is traveling.  

Chemtrails on the other hand, are dispersed at between 12,000 and 20,000 ft., and do not come from the engines, but from nozzles attached to the undersides of the wings, and not only do they not dissipate as do contrails, but they continue to spread out, until they cover the entire sky, from horizon to horizon Last year, they finally admitted that they were spraying something, and guess what? Why, it was for our benefit, naturally! They now claim it is to combat ‘global warming’.

In 1962, JFK commissioned a report to be done by a think tank at the Iron Mountain facility. Not released until 1966, this report’s sole purpose was to come up with viable scenarios that could be considered ‘threats’ to all humanity, in other words, ‘global threats’. Not surprisingly, the # 1 threat devised was climate change, hence the ‘global warming’ scam of recent years.

The scientific designation for chemtrails is Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering.

1.  Most chemtrails are composed of three elements, 1. aluminum. 2. strontium. 3. barium, in that order of quantity. Aluminum is the # 1 cause of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons disease. The occurence of these two diseases has skyrocketed in the last decade or so. Aluminum is highly toxic to the human body, and especially to the brain cells. It morphs into aluminum oxide in the body, creating plaque which lines and clogs the arteries, and also causes cancer.

2.  Aluminum changes the ph in the soil, thereby toxifying it, and eventually killing off the world’s naturally grown food crops, so that soon only the GMO’s created by Monsanto will flourish, monopolizing the market for them. One extremely telling clue is that in 2009, Monsanto took out patents SPECIFICALLY for aluminum resistant crops, which, on the surface of it, sounds ludicrous, unless you know the facts about the chemtrail agenda. Additionally, it is the poisons created by this Luciferian corporation that have killed more than 70% of the world’s bee population, since their GMO crops don’t require pollination..

3.  Chemtrails are also used in conjunction with HAARP for weather manipulation, so that they can create droughts, floods or freezing temperatures anywhere in the world they choose to do so.

4.  The three elements mentioned earlier are the perfect combination for projecting holograms in the sky, akin to the screens in movie theaters. (see Project Bluebeam for more on this)

5.  Not all chemtrails are composed of these three elements, some are actually bio-weapons. I know this for a fact, because I actually saw them spraying said bio-weapon here in LA one day last March What caught my attention was that these were not the usual white ones we see all the time, but were a very dark grey color, and within a couple of days, myself and most of the people I know were sick. I was very sick in my case, and a few others, and it took almost two months for me to completely recover from it. The obvious factor here was that eveyone became sick almost simultaneously, this wasn’t something that was passed around from person to person, as normally happens with a natural viral infection.

6.  Chemtrails have been associated with a syndrome known as Morgellon’s disease, a very nasty piece of work, that one. I’m posting a link to a video on this, rather than trying to explain it.

As for the aluminum, the good news is, there are ways to detoxify yourself of it. According to the book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing” by Phyllis A. Balch, 1,500 milligrams of calcium and 750 milligrams of magnesium a day will do this. I’ve taking both of these for many years.

These are just six of the applications I know of for sure, there are others involving HAARP, but my knowledge in that area is not as well defined.

3 thoughts on “The Deadly Chemtrail Agenda

  1. “Chemtrails are also used in conjunction with HAARP for weather manipulation, so that they can create droughts, floods or freezing temperatures anywhere in the world they choose to do so.”

    I’m also seeing a link with droughts, Agenda 21, and Eminent Domain. TPTB want to herd the rural populace into a contained urban city environments, and remove the ability of private farms to produce food. What better way to remove people then by causing regional droughts that destroy the land and remove the source of water; thereby forcing people to move. Then the land (2/3’s of California) can be purchased for pennies on the dollar, and the rains will miraculously return.

    Regardless of the intended purpose(s) for Chemtrails, they ultimately spell bad news for all… except the billionaire elitists.

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