The Decriminalization of Marijuana

social18 states have legalized weed for some purposes. 13 states are sponsoring bills that ask for the respect of state laws on the matter.

55% of Americans believe that the drug, that has never been a primary cause of death (1997-2005) should be legalized.

Many feel that the drug should be legalized, taxed, and regulated like alcohol.  

The Decriminalization of Marijuana

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16 thoughts on “The Decriminalization of Marijuana

  1. And not one person has ever died as a direct result of marijuana – not one. And also it is virtually impossible to overdose on it.

  2. please do not make it legal. just decriminalize it. Every time the feds try to control something they F it up. No tax. No regulation on possession. No big pharma companies to swoop in and find a way to make it dangerous.

  3. The health benefits of marijuana should make it’s use mandatory. Study after study has proven that marijuana is probably the best “cure-all” of any substance. Do you think God made a mistake or are you just in denial?

    1. Nope flek. Total legalization with maybe a age restriction on it. If it is decriminalized that will just open the door for the govt. to say how they have decriminalized it and how grateful for it being decriminalized we all should be. Also if it was decriminalized the govt will still be handing out fines for simple possession to bosst the local revenue and they will go after the underpriveledged and disadvantaged…….. Yep flek, only legalization will truely work. Be happy and smoke a fatty and don`t pay no mind to those piddly laws they expect us all to follow.

        1. Just did Millard my freind 🙂 and now it is time for a spliff 🙂 🙂 . Hey Millard what do ya do when ya cannot quite smilin`? ya roll another one LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂

          1. Heck #1 and Millard I am still smilling. And Brian the Beagle has just got a case of the munchies LOL What a good dog 🙂 Love you guys man 🙂

      1. Yes, legalization would be a very nice pipe dream.
        One I would welcome without any age restriction.
        Prohibition of any kind simply doesn’t work.
        I used to buy some of my best smoke from rich high school kids. The rest I grew myself.

        Do you think our owners will allow it? Not that I care what they think, but what are the odds.
        Are there enough people willing to fight for its legalization?

        I understand your point about possession and fines.
        Like in Netherlands where they bust growers left and right. And now how they’re trying to regulate strength, whether foreigners can buy, how close a coffeeshop can be to a school, and whatnot.

        Unfortunately, the US is an open air prison (one that should be jail-broke very soon) and they’ll make laws to generate revenue anyway.
        They’ll probably restrict home grow or something.

        I ignore the piddly laws about weed all the time.
        To me, weed is much more valuable than gold.

        “Oh my ME,” “I left F*cking pot everywhere!”
        “If I leave pot everywhere that’s gonna give humans the impression that they’re supposed to USE IT!

        “Now I have to create Republicans!”

        -Bill Hicks


  4. “Many feel that the drug should be legalized, taxed, and regulated like alcohol.”

    Those must be the well off rich idiots if they can afford to pay more taxes.

    No one has the right to tax us on something found in nature that we can grow ourselves.

    1. That is rite #1. As long as a substance is going to be made illegal then there is going to be people that are going to abuse it and there are going to be people that will capitalize off of those that will use those so called illegal substances. That is exactly what the PTB want. If these substances – especially the organic/natural substances were legalized then people will not be abusing these so called dangerous drugs as much as they do. I personally know that from first hand experience in more ways than one or two. I do not think that drugs are for every one but people are going to experiment and they will be more recless when they experiment when different substances are made illegal. People just got to look a how history repeats itself. Yep #1 I know you know what I`m talking about and I am sure that you agree too. Like I said, I don`t think drugs are for everyone but if them drugs are illegal people will abuse them and then the POS govt. will demonize the substances – especially the natural ones and that is flat out wrong on the govt.s part. The govt. should butt out of our business.

        1. Yes it is #1. It realy does bother me too. 🙁 . They live their life and we all live our life, and that is why – I think anyway – that they are so jealous of us good guys #1, and I am proud to say that.

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