The Dictator’s State of Tyranny Address

obamaThe National Patriot – by Craig Andersen

Tomorrow night, ON LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY,the Dictator will deliver his State of Tyranny speech to his American subjects and to a joint session of the congress he fully intends to subvert.

We need to hear from the Great ENSLAVER on the birthday of the GREAT EMANCIPATOR like Lincoln needed to go to the theater.

There will be bowing and scraping, wild applause, cheering, head nodding and all other manner of ring and ass kissing throughout by the collective of elected socialists.

Among those in attendance will be a 4th grade girl from…

Newtown Connecticut.

No…She wasn’t even at the Sandy Hook School BUT…She did write a letter to Nancy Pelosi begging for government control of the people and the scrapping of the 2nd Amendment.

It was Rahm Emanuel who once, so famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

“Never let a Crisis go to waste.”

The most important word, as it turns out, in that statement is…”a.”

“Never let A crisis go to waste.”


“Never let ALL crisis go to waste.”

It’s important and, here’s why.


As the Droner in Chief delivers his Manifesto of State, LAUDING HIS DECREE that the 2ND Amendment should be infringed, siting in the audience will be a 4th grader and her mother from…Newtown Connecticut.

Just as the Great Infringer used kids as props when he signed his 23 Imperial Mandates, he will again use children as props during his State of Dictatorial Rule speech tomorrow night thus NOT letting A crisis go to waste.


Will the family of one, Brian Terry be in the audience as Border Agent Terry was indeed gunned down?


Brian Terry was killed by someone using a fast and Furious weapon gratefully supplied to Mexican drug cartels by Obama and his henchman, Eric Holder and, the Gunrunner in Chief exerted Imperial Privilege to bury the facts behind it.

Ahhh…A crisis to be ignored.

Also in the audience, as His Arrogance speaks tomorrow evening will be none other than Mr. and Mrs Gabby Giffords to add insincerity to the pitch for control of the populous. Giffords, pictured having fun at a gun range, has now added her voice to the Dictator’s choir.

Giffords was shot by a deranged madman in a Tucson parking lot a couple of years ago. When the Dictator spoke at a memorial for those who lost their lives in Tucson, taking full advantage of the crisis, everyone in attendance received a free Obama T-Shirt for their attendance.

How nice…Another crisis not left to waste.


Will the families of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith or Tyrone Woods be in attendance???

Those, as we all know, are the 4 American’s murdered in Benghazi 5 months and 1 day previous to the Dictator’s State of Denial speech.

As the Poster Boy for Treason PROMISED that justice would be done he has, so far, locked up a You Tube filmmaker who had not a single thing to do with the attacks.

It took 3 weeks to get the FBI to Benghazi…some 18 days after reporters and who-knows-how-many-others had already combed through the burned out Consulate and, apparently while there, THEY failed to grab a strawberry frappe or they may well have run into one of the terrorist ringleaders.

No…The families of the Benghazi 4 will NOT be in attendance as THAT crisis is one currently engaged in a cover up.

In all…There will be 23 special guests, invited by anointed socialists in congress in attendance for the expressed purpose of drawing attention to the Dictator’s desire to trash the 2nd Amendment.

One of them will be Cleoparta Pendleton, the mother of Hadiya Pendleton…The young girl cut down by a suspected gang pink just days after taking part in Obama’s 2nd Coronation.

The Dictator sent his wife to Miss Pendleton’s funeral just a couple of days ago and it was, of course, necessary to have the Queen accompanied  and guarded at the services by her heavily armed Palace Guards.


Will the 14 year old boy from Phoenix who shot an armed home intruder thus protecting his younger siblings be at the speech on Tuesday?

How about Melinda Herman who was home with her 2 young children when someone broke into their home? She, with her husband coaching her over the phone, shot one of those intruders 5 times. Will Melinda and Donnie Herman be in attendance Tuesday evening?

And what of 12 year old Kendra St. Clair? Will Kendra, who was home alone when someone broke into her family’s home in Oklahoma. Kendra called 911 and hid in the closet. Before police could arrive,  32 year old Stacey Jones was already in the house and, as he turned the closet doorknob, Kendra opened fire. Her mother taught Kendra how to do that but sadly, neither is likely to be a guest in the Dictator’s audience.

Storekeepers who defended their lives and the property of others, some at the cost of their own jobs…Will not be recognized by the Dictator either.

It’s clear why the families of Stevens, Doherty, Smith, Woods and Brian Terry won’t be invited to the balcony for the speech. The Dictator played a role on their deaths.

But why not the 66 year old Vietnam Vet, George Polanin, who held an intruder at gunpoint until the Kenosha cops came to his home and Joseph Vallar, the Iraq Vet who told the 911 dispatcher, “I just caught somebody breaking into my house, I have my gun drawn on him right now, get down! Come into the front door, I’m sitting here by the front door, with my gun drawn at the guy,” or any one of thousands of others who have done what Kendra, the 14 year old boy in Phoenix, Melinda Herman or these great Vets did?

Well…It’s simple really.

They and their families BELIEVE in the 2nd Amendment. They OWN guns. They know how and when to USE their weapons and they KNOW THEIR RIGHTS but that is only part of the reason why THEY won’t be invited.

You see, there is something else they all have in common.

It’s what they are NOT.

None of THEM are VICTIMS!!!!!

The refused to become victims of thugs, thieves, punks and bad guys and they have NO intention of becoming VICTIMS of SOCIALISM.

However, should the ilk of the Dictator and his minions have THEIR way, as will no doubt be highlighted in the State of Tyranny Address…

Eventually, should the Dictator’s wishes be granted…All of those 2nd Amendment loving Patriots who understand they CAN’T count on the GOVERNMENT to protect them…Will be made SOLDIERS in the fight for liberty because they will, like so many others, REFUSE to become VICTIMS in the Dictator’s applauding and approving gallery.

2 thoughts on “The Dictator’s State of Tyranny Address

  1. In the days that come every able bodied man, woman and child should be armed and be be ready to fight the evil that lurks in this world.

  2. “When the Government fears the People, we have Liberty. When the People fear their Government, we have Tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “Those who give up Liberty for a modicum of Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Enough said.

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