The Fatal Flaw

The Fatal Flaw of “Without Rule of Law” –  A look into the future demise of the global communists and their NWO lackeys.

Due to the fact that the average law abiding citizen and American National, are just that, “Law Abiding” (I hate using that description), these globalist pigs are able to tremendously further their agenda and the destruction of this once great nation.

Everything is working just fine, for the Global Communists and here’s why : There IS Rule of Law, plain and simple.  

While there is Rule of Law, the Communist insertion has shelter and quarter amongst the treasonous sellouts that are our congress, “representatives”, and federalized police. They have protection from the people, who are still afraid (more accurately just being respectful, parents and citizens) of truly stepping out of line, because of the jackboot thugs, that would put them back in line.

RULE OF LAW is the ONLY reason there is the current climate in this country, because the average law abiding citizen and American National, are extremely respectful of the laws of the nation, both local and central. They are good people.

The Treasonous, Communist insertion are able to intimidate and crush any and all rise of resistance, whether that rise might be organized or unorganized, an occasional congressman who feels patriotic, a corporate whistleblower, an individual, or group of individuals, standing up and speaking out, or a media outlet reporting the true colors of the communists, who have gained a foothold. The threat of warrants and raids, and regulations and FEMA camps and even death by “multiple gunshot wound suicides” or jackboot thugs, crushing your skull and upsetting your cozy place in this world, are enough for these globalist pigs, to intimidate and dominate, all aspects and classes of society, more or less ensuring that the “Law Abiding Citizen” and “American National” TOW THE LINE.

They have been extremely cunning in their advancement of the communist agenda. Slowly but surely they Infiltrated the very fabric of our society, right down to the propaganda put out in children’s books and cartoons. EVERYTHING has been infected, with these blood sucking leeches, because the average person is decent enough to not want to enter into any sort of confrontation and disrupt their way of life.

There is however, one simple thing that the Treasonous Infiltrators, and their think tanks, councils, and actuaries have overlooked.

That thing,  is called  “WITHOUT RULE OF LAW”

– That is the day, when the average law abiding citizen and American National, are no longer worried about swat teams and jackboot thugs
– That is the day, they are no longer worried about EPA regulations and taxes etc.
– That is the day when those citizens truly realize the gravity of our nation’s situation
– That is the day when every man, woman, and child, realize they are in a fight, for their very way of life
– That is the day when the average citizen, turns into a Rabid Pit Bull, fighting for his own, his children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

When that day comes in our nation, “Without Rule of Law”, the tables will turn, and they will turn swiftly. The human spirit and will for survival, when the chips are down is UNSTOPPABLE. The American Nationals’ will to survive will swiftly overcome these cowardly thugs who operate from behind the wall, called “RULE OF LAW” because that wall will have crumbled. That, my friends, is the Fatal Flaw that these traitors are making.

When the average citizen and American National are no longer bound by the laws that have slowly infringed and enslaved them, they will see a demise that they are most certainly bringing on themselves and they don’t even realize it, and rightly so. Death to the NWO.

Sent to us by “The Funny Farmer”

13 thoughts on “The Fatal Flaw

  1. your exactly correct sir. I am continuing to try and educate people about this very scenario. People are waking up in ever increasing numbers. The time will come, when the dam will break, and the REAL criminals will be taken down, prosecuted, and punished for their crimes against us American Nationals, and our nation. In the interim, I pray that God will guide us in the direction we need to go in order to accomplish the tasks at hand.

  2. All Socialism Communists cannot stand the TRUTH or EXPOSURE. They are ardent cowards without concern for anything but getting away with corruption. Continue to EXPOSE & fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  3. They need to be taken down plain and simple. They have purposely destroyed our once great nation for all of their financial gain. How anyone would want to protect these parasites is beyond me. I am sure some have sold their soul and that is about as un-American as it gets. These parasites wake up everyday trying to figure out who the next victim will be. Which innocent family should I go after next. There is just no way these people are americans. We need to get them the f*** out of our country.

  4. After reading this essay, I could not help but remember two different sermons at our Church in the past month, by my pastor and a visiting pastor, pointing out in the Bible that “Cowards”, their fate will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. That biblical warning has been brought up in several conversations I have had since then, pertaining to America, and We the People, taking a stand against the communist take over of our government. Most people just read right past that part without comparing it with their own life and what they are letting happen to our country ~

    “But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars–their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”
    Rev 21:8

    1. Bulldog

      I feel the same as you. we have no choice but to eliminate the vermin that are stealing our liberties from us.

      1. So that was you? Good job, Funny Farmer. I’ve never cared for the ‘anonymous’ posters (no denigration intended), just as I’ve never cared for those who think they’re better than those who don’t post using their real names. A person’s real name tells one nothing about them. A created user name ( I still like that term, from “Tron”, one of my favorite movies) on the other hand, can convey much more.

        Great to see you ‘come out’ so to speak,
        (NOT in a gay way, lol). You couldn’t have picked a better site to post on!

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