“The goyim will be culturally annihilated both as a nation and individually” In their own words.


Published on 10 Feb 2022

the seed of evil- look how excited it is it can’t stop moving, it’s a parasite that needs crushing

15 thoughts on ““The goyim will be culturally annihilated both as a nation and individually” In their own words.

  1. This is the end game. The NWO is not led by a simple lust for power, that they have plenty of, not a lust for money, that they have plenty of. But by the belief that they must eradicate us culturally and ideologically. The belief that we are only in existence to be their slave. This idea, thus belief was founded thousands of years ago. This is the top of the pyramid. I know my enemy. And I know what they want to take from us. They will never stop, they will never have a change of mind. They only change tactic. It does no good in my opinion to dwell on what was supposed to be or we think it should be, what matters is that we make it that. The future belongs to those who create it.

    1. “It does no good in my opinion to dwell on what was supposed to be or we think it should be, what matters is that we make it that. The future belongs to those who create it.”

      Invoking our written ratified law that belongs to the individual unalienably, cannot be taken away or even given away.
      And we don’t have to change their minds, just put a f-king bullet through them and then there will be no thought to even matter.
      The 2nd Article can never be touched because it is unalienable and any attempt to change it would be an attempt to disparage it, which violates the law in its essence.
      I don’t know what you f-kers think you’re up to, but it is the Bill of Rights or a charge of treason and sedition for attempting to overthrow the absolute unalienable law for the individual free sovereign national for the united states of the Americas. And anybody who ever tries it, I will easily have hung using nothing more than their filing for cause to initiate the movement of the court.
      And you can tell that mother f-ker from Catskill New York he better never come on to the Patriot Broadcast to pimp his broadcast.
      Like I said, it is that unalienable law or it is the f-king rope and anybody so much as suggesting otherwise gets the f-king rope, by the unalienable law. That 2nd Article is absolute and it is mine as an individual, by nature, and anybody who makes an attempt to usurp my absolute unalienable right, I’ll put a bullet through their f-king head.
      Hope this clears things up for you guys. The law itself protects itself and it applies to every individual and it is a double edge sword that can give you freedom and liberty or it can take your f-king head off if you try to defy it.

      1. “I don’t know what you f-kers think you’re up to”, what are you talking about? What do you think I’m up to Henry? What did I say that made you think I’m up to something and who in the catskills do you think I’m aligned with? I’m very confused here. Im talking about the fact that to get things done takes action. Am I missing something or taking something the wrong way?

        1. “The future belongs to those who create it.”
          This suggests in the word ‘create’ that it can be anything. It cannot. It is freedom and liberty and that absolute unalienable Bill of Rights and each individual, not ‘we’, each f-king individual, lives by his or her own will and at liberty to believe or do anything they want, so long as it does not violate another’s absolute unalienable right.
          The other day it was talking about secession. That is not the individual enforcing the individual’s right. And as I said then, secede from what to what?
          The absolute unalienable ratified law of December 15, 1791 is the founding document for this country and the only way that one i-f-king-ota of it can be changed is to kill every individual freeman sovereign national in this country. It is called conquest, overthrow, and he who tries it, dies.
          You are trying to draw people away from their focus on the Bill of Rights and you are going to stop it or I will take all your videos down and throw them in the f-king trash. You will not use me for any agenda other than the absolute, zero tolerance to violations of my individual free sovereign national rights as written and ratified.
          I’ve been listening to people and reading their writings for ten and half f-king years now. Don’t think I can’t see what is between the lines, because it jumps out at me.
          It is the Bill of Rights and freedom and liberty or death.
          Hope this clears it up.

          1. Yes Henry the future does belong to those who create it. As in if you want what has already been taken by conquest and subjugation from American nationals, you will have to create that future where the bill of rights are established as the law once more. You can harp on about it all you want but they are not being enforced and that’s a fact. Henry, I never used the trenches to further an agenda only to speak my piece and learn from others. If you want to take down anything I posted, feel free. I won’t post anymore. Yes, I still believe in secession, yes I’m a capitalist and yes I believe in states rights as it clearly says in the 10th article. I won’t write anymore tonight Henry. If you’ll have it I’ll do my best to call in Monday and give my parting words. Have a goodnight

          2. The state has no rights, no more than the federal government does. Every bit of the authority lies within the individual. The state can make no statute nor ordinance that violates the people’s absolute authority because the people grant the authority for the state to even exist. And my absolute unalienable rights within the boundaries of the united states of America are unaffected by any line I cross. That is the 10th Article. The powers not delegated to the united states by the Constitution, nor FORBIDDEN BY IT TO THE STATES, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. But the state can have no power unless that power is lawful and granted by the people. The state is a piece of paper. My rights reside within me. They do not emanate from the ground, they emanate into it as I step down.
            You’re a hard headed New Yorker. You have a good heart, but it isn’t going to matter which state you or I are in as our rights are a part of our being.
            One of my best friends I ever had was Joseph Frank Russo, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and raised poor. He was the singer in the band I played drums in for 20 years. He was also an ex-Marine who served as an interrogator in Vietnam. He taught me how to build my hands and use them to cause damage and pain in ways you can’t imagine. Fought back to back with him in many a fight and we had us some arguments. We have stood out in the middle of Highway 97 at 2:00 o’clock in the morning screaming at each other, but he would never hit me and I would never hit him, because I loved him and he loved me. Twenty years in a band, we were brothers. He died about seven years back, but we had us some of the meanest arguments ever in the history of man, but we were always brothers in the end.
            Hard headed, just like you, and me, but neither one of us ever took a powder.
            Still the mic is open to you on Monday, if that is how you choose to go. And I will thrash you in any argument you put up supporting capitalism as it is money making money and in using others to do so, it is usury. So you can stay here and argue with me or go your own way, it is your call.

        2. By the way, I’ll take back any association between you and that c-ksucker from Catskill, as I see he is from Rebel News and they would kill every Muslim just for being a Muslim, even if they are American nationals in full possession of their absolute unalienable rights.
          He is a f-king troll and I would just love to pound the f-king shit out of him, but c-nts like him would never stand face to face with a f-king man. I hope his c-nt ass is reading this.

          1. Putting safe guards into place to stop capitalism should be almost at the top of our lists. Do you want the same rich f-ks creating policy over what you create again? I personally don’t see how anyone living in this society could want capitalism. It’s how they have stolen your shit. Capitalism involves politics. What I make to feed my family isn’t political.

      2. So after the broadcast today, l started to think back to the summer of 2020. At the time, I wholeheartedly agreed with almost everything being said on the broadcast. A few weeks into listening, there was a point of contention that arrose with one topic and l had to step away from the trenches for about six months. Around the sixth month period l had an insight that finally came around and l was once again able to start listening to the show again. In the end, what l realized was that Henry was correct in what he had been saying, l just was not ready to hear it. When l had my moment of clarity, l was able to proceed.

        I get the impression, perhaps, Jamal may be dealing with something similar to what l went through. In the end, indoctrination based on manipulation and deception is one of the most subtle, sinister, cunning methods to destroy an individual as well as individual’s ability to self autonomy and free thought. I had my moment of awakening to the hell hole l was born into less than ten years ago. That is when l really began to learn about the jews, the manipulation into all these wars, all of the real genocides like the holodomor, the murder of so many at the hands of so few. I called it my unindoctrination period. Truthfully, l am still in that process because l still find myself “waking up” to things l thought l knew or thought were correct. The point is, my point of contention with Henry’s comments about a particular subject was something l considered part of my unindoctrination, re-education period. What Henry had said became a thorn in my side because l had invested a large part of myself, in what l thought l was relearning, to be utterly truthful and correct. I later learned after after my insight and re-thinking things, that there was a part of the narrative that had been left out. Henry, being Henry, was not about to sugarcoat the truth and l,
        at the time, was just was not ready to hear it or face it. It took me six month’s for my mind to make this connection. Ultimately, Henry’s comments were what helped to complete my re-education on that particular topic. I thought l was done but l was not. Once l made that connection, l have never looked back.

        The Bill of Rights is truth written in fact or fact written in truth. Unless overtaken by military conquest, The Bill of Rights will remain as it has since December 15, 1791, the only law of our land. It is perfect in every way imaginable. And even if our predecessors have failed miserably in the enforcement and application of it (The B.o.R.’s), contained there in it is it’s own fail safe otherwise known to us as the 2nd Article. I say all this because prior to my insight and realization to Henry’s words and comments and my point of contention, l beleived that there was a better system that had already been invoked by another country. My re-education l thought had been complete and correct had a rude awakening in the summer of 2020 and l am only to grateful for having the wisdom to learn and accept the truth and Henry for telling the truth.

        1. B.o.R. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote. It brings to mind a quote I heard about the truth. Once something rings true, it is impossible to go back to the lie. The minute it rang true for me, was when I heard it here, almost 3 years ago. I grabbed on to it and tuned in every day since. I can’t even begin to imagine what missing even a day would be like. So glad to hear you worked it all out, and you re-connected.

  2. That is why killing all government officials who have supported vaccination and allowed the bankers to defraud everyone should be killed, the people to stupid to realize this deserve to be killed,

  3. Thank you. This an uncharted journey we are all on. So much to take in. Trouble with the truth is that if you look for it, sometimes you find it and l would never want to have it any other way!

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