2nd letter tests positive for ricin poison, intended for Obama: report

NY Post

WASHINGTON — A second letter allegedly intended for President Obama has tested positive for the deadly poison ricin, according to a new report.

A senior law enforcement told ABC’s Terry Moran that the suspicious letter sent to Obama tested positive for the ricin.

The Secret Service said a letter containing a suspicious substance was addressed to Obama but did not confirm it was ricin. The letter was intercepted at a remote White House mail screening facility before it reached its intended target, the agency said.  

The Secret Service said they are working closely with US Capitol Police and the FBI’s investigation.

Yesterday, an envelope containing ricin was sent to the office of Republican Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi — and authorities last night said they have identified a suspect in the case, although he did not appear to be in custody.

The letter was intercepted by an off-site mail-screening facility in DC yesterday afternoon and later was sent to a testing facility in Maryland.

Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer told senators that the letter had been postmarked in Memphis, Tenn., and carried no return address and no exterior markings making it suspicious.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) said a suspect has already been identified but didn’t address whether he had been arrested.

She said the letter was from someone known to frequently write lawmakers, but didn’t give the person’s name.

CNN, quoting a knowledgeable source, said no one was yet in custody.

“We need to be continuously aware and alert,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), adding that there was “no apparent link” between the letter and Monday’s bombing in Boston.

He said he was aware of only the one incident.

The substance has previously been used in assassinations. Just a tiny amount can be deadly. In 2003 and 2004, several letters laced with ricin were intercepted on their way to the White House and the Dirksen Senate Office building.

Law-enforcement sources told CNN the letter tested positive on an initial test, then tested positive two more times before getting sent to Maryland.

Mail destined for US Senate offices goes through rigorous screening. This protocol was instituted after multiple letters laced with anthrax were sent to the Capitol and media offices after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.


11 thoughts on “2nd letter tests positive for ricin poison, intended for Obama: report

  1. Sounds like somebody is trying to send these ptb a message. You would think these ptb would start listening to the people. To bad obama wouldn`t just take a good old snort of this ricin like he did so many times back in his good old coke snortin`/coke smokin` days, go ahead and have a good ole snorty snort snort obama.

    1. Agreed Digger! The African POS should do a master blaster mega line of that crap and do us all a favor!
      Or a Tony Montana faceplant into a pile of it!

  2. Beware of stories like this. Just because the mass media puts a story out there it doesn’t mean it’s true. Certain politicians with certain Zionist agendas are portrayed as martyrs (recall the holohoax Jews) to obtain sympathy to create support for those agendas. Interesting how these stories were released shortly after the Boston incident. Research all the incidents occurring throughout history during the month of April (Nisan). The Zionist Jews are up against the wall right now and nothing should be overlooked as a potential attempt by them to gain more control. Obama is a Jew regardless of your beliefs. Review St. John VIII:44.

  3. Hey All
    Can you just for a minute imagine how fkn scared and paranoid these”masters of the world” are, scared of their own shadows I would guess,gutless little nothings afraid to eat a meal without a taster. I for one would like to know how many $$$$$$$ are wasted on their soon to be real paranoia fears and worries.Next time you are near one of these movers and shakers just holler BOO I bet a puddle will result,so go forth my fellow americans and be scared be very scared LOL yea they wish they scared us,hold on I just had to kill a small drop of sympathy for these pathetic fools ahhh there it is in websters in the sssss right between s%$# and Sy%$# Just think pretty soon they wont have to be paranoid any longer as reality is gonna convict their treasonous asses.

  4. The way I see this is that this is all designed to build up the right wing, anti-government agenda that Obama will blame it on Friday. Who in the world would put Ricin in a letter and send it to Obama, expecting him to actually receive it after it goes through all of those scanners and all? You’d have to be an idiot to believe you could do that. They wanted the letter to be found by Secret Service to initiate the terror threat. And who can get Ricin without poisoning themselves like anthrax? You’d probably have to do it in a lab in a contain facility and so on. Only the government itself could do this.

    Hell, we don’t even know if it actually happened or not, because we were never shown the evidence or video tape of security scanning and searching it when it comes through. I mean you would think with the abundance of security and cameras at the White House that someone would have released a video of them checking it, but no. They play the, “We have to confiscate it and not release it, as it is a matter of National Security” card.

    It’s all bullshit, people. It’s all rigged just like the election to frame the patriots. It’s not rocket science. The elite have been planning ways to frame the patriots for months now and they are finally doing it.

    War is upon us and Friday will be the trigger to ignite it all. The Emperor is going to come out of the White House, dissolve Congress even further and send his DHS stormtroopers to hunt down and kill all patriots (aka Jedi). The script is there, people. And the events are unfolding right in our face.

    1. Exactly! People must ask themselves these questions: What is ricin? Who mfg’s it? Who has access to it? Did the persons handling/shipping/delivering it become ill? It’s only Wednesday and the stories in days to come should be entertaining.

        1. Yep rhumstruck, the plant is easy to come by and ricin is easy for anyone to make and purify. Like they say “herbal meds can cure or kill” if ya don`t know what ya are doing . In this case it is all in a matter of temperature mostly don`t ya know.

  5. ARE YOU BUYING THIS? Who believes that Obama opens his own mail? Do you also think he eats the cookies and wears the glitter shirts sent in from his favorite fans? Perhaps the terrorists should send the letter to Santa Claus for forwarding to Obama? I AM FRIGHTENED AT HOW STUPID AMERICA HAS BECOME! Do we not remember the anthrax lie after 9/11?

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