6 thoughts on “The International Corporate Mafia and the BLM are Here Too

  1. The same thing is happening here in Nevada Henry. We used to have all open areas,but they used the excuse that animals needed to be protected along the highways,so they now have fenced all the highways off. The open land is now hard to find. We still have access in some places but expect to see that disappear soon.

  2. Same thing in western canada. They call it road de-activation. Bull Crap !!

    Yet oil and lumber companies can operate where ever they please. Oh- and up here its not called public land – they call it “CROWN” land – you know – owned by the british crown.

    1. yes crown land if if you look up there definition of publc land what they call it down here it means crown owned it is the same system crown owned corporation either called united states or canada they just changed the meanings of words and names of a few things to trick ppl into thinking it is something different down here
      and isnt it amazing how they stop you from using it but one of there buddies companies wants oil wood etc they get to and the digging for whatever they were doing up here for months they just wanted to keep ppl out so they couldn’t see what they were up to

  3. been ongoing up here in northern dakota for decades and some they gated or fenced over were private access roads to ppls land they must have started putting in the rocks for you guys cause up here if they fenced off a road or put up gates we took em down and took the gates home to use hahaha we’d move the rocks if they blocked with those also tho it is not there land nor were they ever given any authority to stop us from using our roads or lands

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