6 thoughts on “The New SpotMini

    1. I think a sticky opaque spray made of ingredients that are not water soluble to cover any and all lenses/vision ports. One which contains lead oxide/metallic particles to inhibit data transmission, and is flammable, so after the critter is blind, you can light it up. Just spray it on with an industrial sprayer with a large nozzle and plenty of pressure.
      Gelled fuel may be just as effective, as long as you can heat the beast up over 800 degrees or so. Or a homemade microwave generator.
      Just some thoughts off the top of my head.

      (or 30-06 A.P. or A.P.I., which is normally the best selection to stop most critters, alive or mechanical)

    2. The absolute, honest to God, first thing that came into my mind was…Shotgun.
      Take out that IR sensor and watch it “suffer”.
      Like the dog shooting cop in Red Bluff CA last Sunday.

      1. Right now, I would not have an issue breaking someone’s toy with a short handle sledge hammer.
        I’d only wish my brother was there to complete the job if I failed….
        I hate ‘their’ Bullshit, and love nothing more than doing what is not expected, causing ‘them’ to crap their britches, and doing something that is not normal to their noggin.

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