The Pinch That Stole Christmas

The Great Recession

“All you’ll feel is just a little pinch,” said the friendly nurse as she injected one of the world’s new favorite vaccines into a child’s arm.

The WHOs in COVID-impoverished WHOvilles could be heard all over the world joining in chorus to sing, “We wish you a weary Christmas” as they laid out their Christmas booster campaigns and ordered shops in towns and villages from Austria to Australia to lockdown before presents could be bought and placed under trees. Then, just before Christmas arrived, they rolled up the sidewalks and shut down plays and restaurants, too, to make sure no fun was had. They even shut down airlines with thematic names like “Delta” so that families could not travel for the holidays.

“If you have any people in your family who are unvaccinated,” warned Dr. Grauci, “Be sure to order them not to come over for Christmas dinner. Relatives hang around worse than viruses.”

This is a tale of Christmas stolen — again — around the world just as a particularly social little virus was going around from house to house to give the world free herd immunity and would have succeeded if everyone had not retreated to their grinch caves before the unwanted little guest arrived.

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