The Primaries, Caucuses, and Reality

The mainstream propaganda machine seems to be in damage control mode.  New revelations showing wanton fraud in the mainstream, so called reporting of the primary and caucus election returns, has about destroyed whatever small amount of credibility the mainstream had left.  It had become apparent to all that the entire election process is corrupt through and through.

The mainstremers, in declaring winners with as little as 1% of the vote counted, have simply reached the realms of the truly ridiculous.  And now, in instituting measures designed to reestablish credibility, they have gone off the deep end on the other side.

Read these words closely.  Rick Santorum did not win the last three contests.  The so called “Santorum surprise” was designed to reestablish credibility through the unexpected, as in “Don’t turn us off.  See, everything doesn’t always turn out as we pre-report it.”

That’s not to say that Rick Santorum would not be acceptable to the status quo as the elitists would maintain their position under his presidency.

The Republicans know Rick Santorum could never be elected in a general election.  Number 1: The majority of women in the United States would reject him because of his fanatical stance on abortion.

Number 2: The homosexuals would vote against him to a man, woman, or whatever lies between because he hates the rainbow.

Number 3: The elderly would never vote for Rick Santorum as he would assure the enactment of the Ryan Plan, which would privatize Social Security and turn the last government controlled account operating in the black over to the corporations and spell nothing but trouble for those in retirement.

Number 4: The 99%,, would never allow the election of Rick Santorum because he would see the safety net turned into a cage, wherein slaves are held who are only let out during the day to work for enough food to starve to death on.

The fact is neither Santorum, Gingrich, or Romney can possibly beat Barry the Rat in a general election.  Why?  Because there is not a dime’s difference to be seen.  The choice would be George Bush II part two, or Barack Obama part two.  And if it is to be the status quo, better to keep things in a condition of gridlock, as doing nothing is better than allowing either the neo-con Nazis or the soviet socialists to do one more something.

And of course Obama has already committed treason multiple times.  So realistically he could be impeached before his second inauguration.  We would probably have to wait at least a month for one of the others to commit an impeachable offense.

Ron Paul is winning the majority of the delegates, in spite of the election returns we are being shown on our TVs.  But the fact that the truth is being deliberately withheld suggests that the elite intend to stop Ron Paul come what may.

I think if things continue on, status quo, we will see an attack on Iran and/or Syria by Israel, either simultaneously, or followed shortly thereafter, by a false flag attack in the United States.  As I’ve stated before, desperate people do desperate things.  Our enemies want with all their might to start disarming us and taking us to the FEMA camps for summary execution.  But the American people of the American race have come to grips with the situation and we are not backing down.

This country is a powder keg.  The hate the elite have fostered for themselves is intense and omnipresent.  They are not going to get a chance to institute their terror through an overwhelming rush of atrocities.  Every patriot is locked and loaded and poised like a puddle of gasoline waiting for the tiniest spark to ignite it into an explosion.

Do not think the elitists’ think tanks have not been monitoring every aspect of our lives, looking for our reaction to their proposed implementation of the draconian policies they have put in place.  And all they are finding is that we are becoming more and more angry to the point that we may turn on them for suggesting that they have what it takes to remove us from our rights.

Our enemies are scared, and they should be as our destiny and their destruction is closing in from every angle.  They never figured we would actually turn back to our Constitution and that their years of pushing the propaganda that our founding document was antiquated, not real law, and just suggestions to be used as guidelines, has backfired on them.

Now, without ever really coming close, they are about to reap the whirlwind and they really can’t stand it as they had come to believe their own propaganda.  How is it possible that we are going to wipe them out when they are so smart and we are so dumb?  Hereditary wealth, power, and the vanity it has fostered will go down in history as their undoing.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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