6 thoughts on “The Sarco Pod : An Assisted Suicide Machine That Kills In One Minute (They Care About You)

    1. Problem. Create a scamdemic. Manufacture misery for the people to have to live with their oxygen intake, now under attack over these past 3 years.

      Reaction. I hate living like this! This world sucks!

      Solution. Remove oxygen intake all together. Problem solved. It all began with, “I can’t breathe!”- George Floyd

      galen, I know this is a morbid conversation, but it is true, isn’t it?

  1. Whoever can do what they want.
    Looks like it’s gonna launch like a surface to air missile when it’s done. WTF, and laughing!

    1. OMG! One just flew over my house! It looks like it is on a collision course with the Metro Windsor Health Unit!

  2. There is just no honest creativity anymore, everything is a re-boot. For instance this is a re-boot on the suicide beds from Soylent Green with several suicide pods from other books & movies mixed in. I want my simulation reset to before the last update. dammit.

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