US Will More Than Double Its Training Program for Ukrainian Troops

Anti-War – by Dave DeCamp

The Pentagon is planning a major expansion of the number of Ukrainian troops that it will train in Germany and aims to start the new program in early 2023, US officials told The New York Times on Thursday.

The expanded program will enable the US military to train up to 800 Ukrainian troops each month, a battalion-sized force. The US has been training Ukrainian forces in Germany and other undisclosed locations in Europe since earlier in the war at a rate of about 300 troops per month, according to Pentagon statistics.

President Biden has already approved the new training program, which will take place at a US Army base in Grafenwoehr, Germany. Previous training efforts have been focused on using specific weapons systems, such as the HIMARS rocket systems. But the new program will be more advanced and will include battlefield tactics, such as coordinating infantry maneuvers with artillery support.

The US training program will reflect what Ukrainians have been going through in the UK. The British military started the program in the summer with the goal of training 10,000 Ukrainian troops in infantry tactics.

The new US training program reflects the ever-increasing US involvement in the war in Ukraine. The US is set to open a new command center in Germany that will be entirely dedicated to arming and training Ukrainian forces, signaling that Washington is planning to support a proxy war against Russia for years to come.


6 thoughts on “US Will More Than Double Its Training Program for Ukrainian Troops

  1. It’s amazing how no one cares about this manufactured war other than the politicians.

    Remember when polls used to be a big thing? When was the last time you heard the MSM do a poll on it? Never. Because they know that ALL the people don’t want it. It’s disgusting.

  2. It’s was never a Ukrainian war, ever more so today. It’s blatantly a US/NATO against Russia war using Ukrain as the battle field. And you are spot on, the canon fodders are mercenaries, special contractor from UK, Poland, US, any handful others, and of course NATO army too.

    1. It is nothing more than another f-king con for a branch of the international corporate mafia to steel enormous amounts of wealth from the poor and hand it over to the international elite Zionist Jews. All those billions that have been handed over came right out of the pockets of the American people at the gas pumps. This is proven manipulation. We were told the sanctions were to harm Russia but instead they devastated the American people and fattened the coffers of the Russians by the billions. Anybody who falls for this shit would fall for anything.

  3. It seems, based on what I have been learning here and elsewhere, about the history of the corporate industrial, military, oil and gas, medical, war complex, that different factions among the stake holders, are using all of the resources they are able to steal from the lands and the minds of the people, to de-populate the planet and force us to pay for it using the worthless paper pieces and petro dollars they replaced the gold and silver with, that they swindled out of the hands of its rightful owners. They may well be at war between the factions of their international corporate mafia, but the people should be wise enough by now, to see who the enemy has always been and to learn from the ones who fought, bled and died to win their freedom when the survivors wrote and ratified the Bill of Rights in 1791. We know who the enemy is. We know many of the names. We know it’s all fraud. We are learning the truth. The Law that belongs to the People is being revived. We are learning how to fight. Let’s GO!!!

    1. After writing the above comment, I sat down to take a sip of coffee, and as it went down, the thought occurred to me, about how the oil and gas industry could bleed Canada dry this winter when the Free Masonic psy-op called the Freedom Convoy that is being planned for February, 2023, will roll across the nation for its return to Ottawa. All that gas that could be used to deliver food might be put to good use if the drivers are able to haul and deliver it to the people in need en route to Ottawa. That is, if there is any food made available to be delivered. If the gas companies get rich from this event, the people in need of what the trucks can deliver to them can benefit as well. Otherwise, it will be an enormous waste of gas and money because the only ones who always benefit are the same ones who are behind the destruction of our freedom, as Russia gets rich and America pays at the pump. They say they are ready for the tear gas, the rubber bullets and the police brutality this time, and they are ready to go to Ottawa again. They say the numbers are bigger this time. More Canadians and the people across the world will participate as a unified international force. Based on what we know about the way the enemy operates to funnel its victims into their snares and traps, I wonder what they will do this time to beat us down. Oops! My coffee is cold now. Happy Saturday.

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