The Solution: This Is How We Can Save America

Before It’s News – by Josey Wales

“Government is always the enemy of freedom and justice. Government is about usurping power from the people. When will that ever change?”

People need to understand that when you feel your ideals should be forced on others, the government will use that to usurp power from all of us.  

The Government is all about what we must do, how we must live our lives, how much we must pay them. If for one minute you believe that the government is here to protect and serve you, you are sadly misguided.

People need to grow up and stop hoping for the magic leader to come along and save the world. The lies we are told about authority, empowers authority to further strip us of our rights and further empower the government.

This is a common sense view fron “Josey The Outlaw. Please listen and share, for everyone needs to understand this.

You know something is horribly wrong. At what point do you intend to do something about it?

Common sense solutions for all Americans! Take back control of your lives, here’s how.

Something you need to consider if you work in law enforcement–a question of life or death that you need to answer, and answer now.

5 thoughts on “The Solution: This Is How We Can Save America

    1. She would make an honorable, noble, courageous mother for her children. She is a rare breed. Let’s hope others heed her words.
      . . .

  1. The first step in saving America is realizing one of the principle causes of our demise: Read a schocking 1976 interview given by Harold Rosenthal, then personal assistant to Senator Jacob K. Javits.

    “The Hidden Tyranny – Part 1”

    The second step is to amend one’s life and return to the precepts of Christianity.

    The Third step is to acquire as much food, guns, ammo, and necessary items possible – your going to need it.

    We may be and are numerically outnumbered but an example of faith:

    In 1215 a heretical sect of Albegensians were ravaging the countryside of France and killing all the Catholics in towns, villages and provinces. A small group of Catholics banded together to fight the Albegensians, the Catholics had 200 horse and 800 infantry (which were not considered but cannon fodder in those days) and all were not battle proven. The Albegensians were 100,000 strong, all on horse and all battle hardened and experienced.

    1000 vs 100,000: The Catholics knelt down and prayed the Rosary, then attacked. The Albegensians were annihilated, the Catholics suffered 8 wounded and 2 dead: True story and one that points the way to victory.

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