The sort of nonsense that makes editorial boards irrelevant

6 thoughts on “The sort of nonsense that makes editorial boards irrelevant

  1. People need to start to realize that like the flu or common cold, you can never be fully protected against it. It will eventually get you. You can wear all the masks and gloves and sanitize all you want to try and minimize it but in the end, it’s airborne, meaning unfortunately it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when it’ll get ya. Jab or no jab.

    I’ve had coworkers who religiously wear masks and gloves and sanitize, yet still got the virus. I’ve also had coworkers who took the jab and still got it, while I’ve had coworkers who did neither and still have yet to get the so called virus. See my point?

    This mass hysteria is nothing more than an excuse to continue to instill fear in the masses and to get us to take the jab so they can commit genocide. Don’t let that fear force you into doing something you wouldn’t normally do. That’s what they want you to do. Don’t give them that pleasure and satisfaction, people. Make your own choices based on your own research, logic and understanding, NOT out of fear.

    And calling in the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination not be allowed anywhere out of fear?


    Just stop and take a breather for a moment. Think rationally, people.

      1. Virus, flu, common cold, whatever you want to call it, Galen. I know many say it doesn’t exist, but I can tell you I did get hit with something last year at around this time AND this past week (albeit a weaker form from last year). Whatever it is, it does effect everyone differently and now my wife has got it, so something is out there but this whole lockdown/quarantine and jab crap over it is completely laughable and 100% bullshit. Same with the masks, gloves and the constant fearmongering.

        1. I see. It’s just that when someone says “the” virus, it usually points to covid, the one that’s never been isolated and therefore doesn’t exist. So thanks for clearing that up.


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