The specific details of how you were defrauded – by Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska

Maine Republic – by David Robinson

Your time-line (road-map) to explore the fraud and deception for yourself!

  1.  1754-1776: The “United Colonies” take shape as a loose political association, and the First and Second Continental Congresses result.
  2. 1776: The Colonies declare independence.
  3. 1781: The Articles of Confederation bind “States” — political subdivisions of the United Colonies – together in a “perpetual union”, creating a confederation of States to operate in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea.   [Why a “confederation” instead of a “federation”?  –Because the original States gave up some of their natural jurisdiction to the new political entity, the Union, they created.]
  4. 1783: The Treaty of Paris and Treaty of Versailles cements this arrangement  splitting the land and sea jurisdictions between the States and the Federal Union and places King George III as Trustee of American interests on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” —which means he kept control of  American international commerce.  The new “Union” entity operating in the international Jurisdiction of the sea  was always controlled by the British and it has always been the British Monarch’s responsibility as International Trustee to manage it and guarantee its proper operation.   It has instead run amok for 150 years.
  5. 1787: The Supreme Perfected Republican Declaration of the United Colonies creates the National Trust owed the Continental United States.
  6. 1789: Two years later, “The Constitution for the united States of America” splits off the sea jurisdiction and creates the new Federal United States.  A year later (1790) the Federal United States forms a commercial company doing business as the United States (Commercial Company) to provide the nineteen enumerated services agreed to by the subscribing States.
  7. 1812-1814: The British try to horn in again and are beaten back. This skirmish results in the Treaty of Ghent, where the British interests in American shipping and commerce are reaffirmed and lasting peace is promised in return.
  8. 1845: The British Monarch and Pope secretly agree to undermine the American System of government via the Treaty of Verona.  The British Monarch breaches the Treaty of Ghent and both the Pope and the King secretly breach their trust as International Trustees.  They set out on a covert action and issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal to the members of the Bar Associations, allowing them to act as Foreign Agents on American soil and as privateers free to plunder American commerce.
  9. 1860: Thanks to the efforts of the Bar Associations a member of the Bar, Abraham Lincoln, is elected to serve as President.  Note that he is ineligible serve as President of the united States of America, by the Titles of Nobility Amendment to the actual Constitution— but is eligible to serve as President of the United States (Commercial Company).   This is the same situation we have with Barack Obama who is ineligible to serve as President of the United States of America, but is able to serve as President of the United States (Incorporated).
  10. 1861: The Civil War begins.  Congress adjourns for lack of quorum and without a date to reconvene. Lincoln organizes a Delaware Corporation and the remaining members of Congress begin functioning as a Board of Directors.
  11. 1862: The “Corporate Congress”—a body of men no different than the Board of Directors of IBM, change the meaning of a single word —only and explicitly for use within their corporation.  That word is “person”.  From then on the word “person” is deemed to mean “corporation” for federal government purposes.  (37th “Congress”– Second Session, Chapter 49, Section 68.)
  12. 1863: Lincoln signs the Lieber Code as Commander in Chief and puts the Union Army, the Grand Army of the Republic, in charge of the nation’s future and money supply.  A day later, he bankrupts the original United States (Commercial Company).
  13. 1865: Lee’s Army surrenders to Grant and a general armistice is declared.  The Southern States are in ruins and under military occupation by the Union.  The original Northern States are bankrupt.   Foreign banks are in control of the new “United States of America, Inc.” and the Union Army reigns supreme. Over the next two years President Andrew Johnson will three times publicly declare peace on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States, but peace is never declared in the international  Jurisdiction of the Sea controlled by the Federal United States under the trusteeship of the British Monarch.
  14. 1868: The Corporate Congress writes itself a new Corporate Constitution, called “the Constitution of the United States of America” and palms off this look-alike, sound-alike  private corporate document “as if” it were the actual Constitution.  This is  fraud on many levels.  The Constitution of the United States of America purposefully sought to confuse and delude people into thinking it was the actual Equity Contract obligating the States to receive services and subrogate their international jurisdiction to the federal government.
  15. 1871: The Corporate Congress begins to set up shop for itself by creating a separate government for the District of Columbia.  The initial effort fails but seven years later the Washington DC Municipality is created as an independent international city state run as a plenary oligarchy by the members of “Congress”.   Also in 1871, the Corporate Congress claimed to own all United States corporations— 41st “Congress”– Third Session, Chapters 62, 63, 64, and 65.
  16. 1874-1885: All the actual States on the land are reorganized and at the same time completely new “Federal States” are created and new “State Constitutions” are written for them.  The original States on the land are renamed in this process.  The original State of Ohio operating the land jurisdiction became the Ohio State, while the usurping “Federal State”— merely a corporate franchise of the United States of America, Inc. operating in the international Jurisdiction of the Sea—took over the name “State of Ohio”.
  17. 1900-1904: Still lusting after more power for itself, the Corporate Congress set up a second shop for itself and obtained permission to do it from the Supreme Court in a series of cases known as The Insular Tariff Cases.  As with setting up the Washington DC Municipality as a foreign city-state on our shores and running it as their own little oligarchy, the “Congress” now took the “federal territories and possessions” and made a new “union” of “American states”—-Puerto Rico, Guam, et alia—and began calling it “the United States of America (Minor)”.    They just forgot to add the (Minor) part of the name from then on, and let people assume that all the repugnant laws they passed governing this “Constitutional Democracy” also applied to the Continental United States.
  18. 1912-1913: A private association of European and American banks calling themselves “The Federal Reserve” bought the governmental services corporation known as “The United States of America, Inc.” and its “State” franchises as a business venture, and began operating such familiar agencies as The United States Department of Agriculture and The United States Department of Transportation as private, for-profit businesses—without telling anyone.   They exercised the “government powers” they didn’t really possess in a vast fraud scheme in collusion with members of “Congress” to institute a fiat monetary system and misused their position of trust to put competitors out of business, set up monopolies, rig commodity markets, and commit other acts of blatant self-interested criminality and fraud.
  19. 1917: Engaging in a war for profit, Congress and their Banker Bosses passed the War Powers Act and the Trading With the Enemy Act, and numerous other illegal and repugnant “Acts” pertaining only to the Federal United States and the international Jurisdiction of the Sea, but presented them to the public as if this claptrap pertained to the actual States and People on the land of the Continental United States.  Deceived by this venal and purposeful fraud, millions of Americans complied with what they believed to be the “Law” passed by a legitimate Congress acting as deputies of the States and the People.
  20. 1918-1933: Once in control of the monetary system the “Federal Reserve” increased the monetary supply exponentially, causing the “Roaring Twenties”.  They built the house of cards and on October 29, 1933, they collapsed it—deliberately.   This enabled them to put thousands of competitors out of business, allowed them to buy commodities, land, and labor for dirt cheap, and to manipulate the value of the dollar to their benefit.
  21. 1933-1940, The banks took full advantage of the “national emergency” they created and the Congress did everything the bankers required:  The Sheppard-Towner Act, the Buck Act, the Alien Registration Act, the Social Security Act(s), the Emergency Banking Act, and more.   The purpose of all this was to lay claim to the labor and the assets of the States and People of the Continental United States by securing “private contracts” with them, enabling the perpetrators to “represent them” and to set up corporations “in their names”.    Hundreds of millions of Americans were told that they “had to” sign up for Social Security and have a Social Security Number in order to have a job, that it was “the Law” and that “Congress had passed it” and so, believing it to be a lawful government mandate—when in fact it was a corporate fraud scheme— they were subscribed en masse.  Remembering now the actions of the Corporate Congress in 1862 redefining the word “person” to mean “corporation” for federal purposes, and their later claim made in 1871 to hold ownership interest in all United States corporations and seeing that their actions from 1933 to 1940 resulted in redefining the estates of living Americans as public trusts—that is, as a form of corporation— you can see that the “Corporate Congress” has claimed to own living Americans as assets belonging to their corporation and has also claimed to control and own their private assets — in flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention Protocols Volume II, Article 3, and in equally flagrant violation of the 1926 International Conventions on Slavery, and in violation of every lawful and moral duty, commercial contract, and trust indenture owed to the Continental United States and the American People. It is also apparent that all of this – every claim, every salvage lien, every title to land and property held under color of law—being held against the Continental United States and the living civilian inhabitants of the Continental United States, is pure, self-interested commercial fraud created and perpetuated under conditions of semantic deceit, constructive fraud, misrepresentation, and mischaracterization by the management of the Federal United States, the various governmental services corporations doing business as some form of “United States”  and the British Government.
  22. 1940-present:  Among the first actions to be taken by the criminals was to “register” all live births.  This established a claim of ownership on the baby and his or her estate, benefiting the “State of Ohio” or other “Federal State franchise”.   This act of identity theft exercised via an undisclosed and forced contract with the Mother of the child, allowed each ”State” franchise to control the name and the property of the baby.   The perpetrators promptly set up new “State franchises” benefiting themselves using names styled like this:  “Joseph Quincy Public” and new “Municipal franchises” set up under the auspices of the Washington DC Municipality using NAMES styled like this:  “JOHN QUINCY PUBLIC”.

The only purpose for creating these franchises structured as various kinds of trusts—was to act as a means for the privately owned governmental services corporations to hypothecate debt against the labor of the living people and their private property assets and to exercise control over them amounting to slavery.

12 thoughts on “The specific details of how you were defrauded – by Judge Anna von Reitz, Alaska

  1. Americka
    Land of the ” Bait and Switch “.
    “Save Money Screw People”
    “Always Low Morals Always”
    at Amerika Mart.

  2. “1868: The corporate congress writes itself a new Corporate Constitution, called ” the Constitution of the United States of America, and palms off this look alike, sound alike private corporate document “as if” it were the actual Constitution. This is fraud on many levels.” Ya think? Contract null and void!

    It appears to be a big step in their “takeover”.

    Where can one be assured they’re reading the “founder’s” original Constitution?

  3. WOW! Having read through so many legal docs relating to how Texas was recaptured during Reconstruction as well as the Act of 1871 I thought I knew almost everything…this post is AWESOME! You made my day, Grin! Thanks!

  4. I have seen with my own eyes most of the congressional records that back up what is written by Anna. I went thru homeland insecurity to attain 2 different plastic photo ID card, same size as state DL/ID, one for library of congress and one for the national archives, for research. I had to prove to myself what I was reading was true and that these other researcher’s posts had to come from the same or similar source of info.
    As for the constitution, OF or FOR I find insignificant, headlines are not controlling, only what is in the body of the instrument is what controls it. Look at the preamble “do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” TITLES and HEADLINES do not control the instrument.
    Also #20 on the 29th day of October 1933, nothing happened nor did the stock market or economy collapse. I hope it is just an over looked mistake and the writer meant 29th day of October 1929 not 1933. The 29th day of October 1929 is the day that is called “Black Tuesday” & executed by design, meaning it was planned.

  5. Well how long was Judge Anna von Reitz operating within this system, knowing what she obviously does?

    Did she make a career out of this crime, and is only now “exposing” it because Americans from coast to coast are learning this stuff from other patriots?

    Sounds to me like another RAT trying to save herself from the trap she helped to build.

    I think she’s just like Paul Craig Roberts — after an entire life of profiting from the crime, now he’s “exposing the truth” because he smells the revolution brewing.

    1. I agree JR, Paul Craig Roberts portends to be “on our side” when he’s licking the balls of his joo masters. Nothing but a “shill”, a joo sympathizer, joo, joo, joo, need I say more?

      1. No, I think you made it abundantly clear, Millard.

        Thanks for the info. I wasn’t aware of that tidbit.

        I guess this can be summed up as ‘CYA’…

      2. You afraid to openly call out who is creating the problems all over the world..They are not the joo, it’s the JEWS, These jewish blood-suckers who have destroyed nation after nation with their jew fiat money system…There is a good reason the JEWS have been THROWN out of 109 different nations, America should be the 110th!

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