The Supreme Court Rules 46,000 Inmates to be Released – Should We Flog them First?

The Supreme Court has ruled that California must release 46,000 prisoners due to overpopulation.  In looking for solutions to the problem, California, a state that is on the verge of bankruptcy, has the option of building more prisons, sending the prisoners to the individual counties they came from which cannot afford to hold them, or releasing them into the public.

Using logic it would seem that the prudent thing to do would be to release 46,000 inmates who are in prison for victimless crimes as they would not be a threat to the public.  So is this what they are going to do?  Not a chance.  They will release rapists and murderers for the purpose of coercing the people to vote in more taxes for more prisons.

On a FOX Business interview, John McGinness, a former Sacramento Sheriff and talk radio host, said with a smirk on his face, in essence that violence was going to be unleashed on the people of California if they refused to pay more taxes for more prisons, suggesting that the majority of those in our prisons are there for violent crimes, which is an out and out lie.

The United States has more people incarcerated than any other country on the planet, including communist China.  Most of the people in prison are there as a result of the phony $40 billion a year drug war and the three strikes law.  Under the three strikes law any citizen convicted of three felonies is sentenced to life in prison.  There are American citizens in our prisons doing life for three bad checks, three convictions for drug possession, and other non-violent crimes.

Those offenders will be kept in prison while the violent offenders will be released because the non-violent offenders tend to be better workers.  And the prison industry has allowed profit to trump justice in our system.  In our present economy with the shrinking wages and record unemployment, how many realize the amount of American jobs being worked by prison laborers for slave wages, while the corporate prisons are making billions from the contracted labor.

Congressman Ron Paul, when elected president, is going to end these shameful practices by ending prohibition of drugs.  He will take the profit out of dealing drugs and enslaving citizens for the industrial prison system.

I saw one fellow on CNN, Peter Moskos who has written a book “In Defense of Flogging.”  He is actually suggesting that American citizens be given the choice of lashes from the whip in lieu of going to jail.  He said it would be like this.  If a person was facing say five years in prison he or she could opt to having ten lashes from the whip.

Let’s see who would be eligible for the whip, the person who got caught with drugs, the person who wrote a bad check, maybe the person who didn’t pay his or her taxes, you know the people who shouldn’t be in jail in the first place.  But then I guess if we are going to have a slave society we are going to need the whip.

Think about what this man is suggesting.  In every movie, old or new wherein slavery is depicted, at some point the shirt is torn and the scars revealed.  This is when the moral outrage becomes a part of the picture as true evil is unveiled.  I hope people can see where this is all leading.

The social communists want to build prisons from sea to shining sea and put all those who will not acquiesce to their system in forced labor camps, while the neo-cons, not only want a return to the grapes of wrath, but to medieval torture.  Maybe they will try to sell the idea by saying we allow water-boarding, why not a little public flogging.

The sadist Peter Moskos ended the interview by saying in essence no matter what you think about the idea, it will save money.  And that is what’s most important in our morally corrupt society today, isn’t it?

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  1. knowing these assholes they will let out the child molesters and rapist and violent felons and guess where there going to be the homeless shelters where us 99ers have to go i already lived with that situation for a day and half let the pot smokers go instead atleast there not a threat to any one so everybody beware the guy your talking to could be looking at you as a potential victim i shit you not had a couple of conversations with some of these animals half hour later there telling me there whole story 99ers grow eyes in the back of your head because you might be sharing a bunk next to one of them

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