The Traitor Paul Ryan Speaks out for His Elitist Masters

Paul Ryan is front and center once again, calling for cuts in Medicare and food stamps.  Ryan said that spending on food stamps had increased by 40% in the last four years, trying to put forth the notion that those on food stamps are getting 40% more than they were four years ago.

The fact is the increase in spending is due to the increase in those who have been forced onto food stamps because the corporate elitists that own Paul Ryan exported their jobs through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.  The truth is the amount the individual food stamp recipient receives has been decreased by 30% in the last four years due to a 30% decline in the value of the dollar.

Ryan went on to say the cuts in food stamps would help the poor because this would encourage them to go out and get a job.  This goes to show how the propaganda is built one lie upon another.  First they change the way unemployment is calculated to exclude 20 million unemployed.  Then they count the jobs American based international corporations are creating in other countries and say they were created here.  Then they blame food stamps for the fact that they have put 28 million people out of work.

Paul Ryan is of the lowest form of life to ever exist on this planet.  He is a corporate thief and is guilty of aiding the corporate insurgency against we the people, our Constitution, and Republic.

Those who have been culled from the work force are the baby boomers.  Think about it like this.  What if the corporate elite had just announced one day that the baby boomers were going to have to agree to have their wages cut to the amount that a new employee would be paid, surrender their pensions, the equity in their homes, and of course agree to forego any medical insurance paid for by the employer, and give up all rights to any Social Security that they had paid into for 30 to 40 years or be fired?  Hell, there would have been a war.

So what did the elite do?  They dismantled our industry, shipped it to China, cashed out their toxic mortgage derivative Ponzi scheme through loans in our grandchildren’s names, and pulled the money from small banks causing a rash of small businesses to fail, which caused the baby boomers to lose their jobs, their pensions, their savings, the equity in their homes, and of course now Paul Ryan and company are going after their Social Security.

Somehow this dirty little bastard wants us to completely dismiss the $32 trillion stolen from us by his masters and acquiesce to slavery.  He wants to force us, by withholding our food, to go back to work at a slave wage for the same criminals who have robbed us.

I’ll tell you what you pencil neck little alfalfa faced punk.  Go for it.  I for one am itching to take my revenge on you and the international corporate mafia you serve.  You are a pathetic little maggot and you will reap what you are sewing.  You will be charged with high treason for your complicity to the international corporate insurgency.  And you will pay for your crimes at the full measure of our law.

You detest our Republic and our Constitution.

You suck the puss from the boils on the asses of your elitist masters.  So come on, boy, come try to take our food and give the money to the filthy rich in the form of tax breaks or to the industrial war complex, who think they are going to further invade in the Middle East for their Zionist masters.  Come give it a go.  I say you are a pathetic little punk and once you are in prison without a cop to hold your hand, you are going to wind up being some big hairy convict’s woman, because that is really all you are.

There are 40 million of us out here, heavily armed, who have had a gut full of you and your international bankster masters.  So step up, boy, and toe the line.  We’ll see what you are made of when we take our Republic back and you no longer have an army we have paid for protecting your treasonous ass.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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