The Truth about Rick “Bilderberg” Perry’s Tax Proposal

Texas Governor Rick Perry has come out with his economic plan to save the economy, which is essentially a 20% flat tax, which would kick in at about $36,000 annual income.  The neo-cons have been pushing their dream of a flat tax for many years now and it is looking like Bilderberg has ordained Rick Perry as their enforcer who will bring the plan to fruition.

Let’s take a look at this 20% flat tax.  As previously mentioned, people making under $36,000 per year will pay nothing, but is this really a selling point?  A person on welfare, in order to get off of welfare and become self sufficient, must make an enormous leap in the income gap to achieve independence.

You see as the welfare recipient begins to make money, that money is just as quickly removed through reduction in benefits.  Thus that welfare recipient has to make a large sum of money before he or she can realize any real gain.  And to actually make the leap from welfare recipient to self sufficiency, one has to go from making no money to earning a living wage.  And as soon as that person starts making a living wage there will be the 20% flat income tax immediately.  Now how many more years of labor before that worker realizes one more dime in his or her pocket?

And make no mistake, all deductions for child care and mortgage payments will no longer exist under this new flat tax.  And when the new flat tax is introduced there will be deductions that only the richest among us will ever realize.  And the filthy rich, through their tax exempt foundations, will simply direct their 20% in tax into those foundations and maintain control of the money and the power it represents.

Of course there is still a government to run with a deficit and debt to pay off and these monies will be paid by the middle class with the tax effect being realized progressively from the poverty level to the upper middle class.

The 20% flat tax being proposed by Perry has been specifically designed to further destroy the middle class and small businesses, liquidate their wealth, and transfer it to the top 1%.  And if you have any ideas of climbing out of poverty, well you can forget them as the flat tax is in reality a progressive tax.  That is saying the further you progress in making and creating wealth, the more the tax barrier is increased to the point that actually breaking free and becoming solvent is an impossibility.

In short, the more you make the more they’ll take, that is until you reach the level of the elite.  These people are going to see their entire tax burden go away.  No more tax on corporate profit, no more capital gains tax, and of course no estate tax.  Hence the rich will be established as the rich and any threat to their fortunes represented by entrepreneurship will be eliminated, as any person thinking of starting a business and working their way up and having to have sufficient wealth for start up costs (licensing and insurance) will then be facing the 20% progressive tax, which does progressively increase in that as more money is made, more money is taxed at the high rate of 20%.  It will be an impossibility.

And of course as more as our industry is shipped out of the country, more jobs will be lost and our middle class will continue to shrink as it is forced to pay more taxes to make up for its reduction in numbers of taxpayers.

Then the foundations, being financed by the corporate elite that own them, will have absolute control of the 20% they are paying in in taxes, which will be used to further enslave the people through poverty.  This brings us back full circle to the citizen who has been reduced to welfare and food stamps, who does not want to live on entitlements but has no choice because the avenue from poverty to self sufficiency no longer exists.

Only through electing Dr. Ron Paul as our next president and reinstating our Republic under our Constitution can we break free of the international corporate mafia who are intent on making us slaves.  Only through sound money and true free enterprise capitalism can a citizen rise from rags to riches.

The propagandists continue to try to make capitalism a uniform term.  When a billion dollars sitting in a bank account makes the holder a hundred thousand dollars in one month, with nothing being created, that is money making money and is called crony capitalism.  When we the people create wealth by investing in one another and that wealth comes from products manufactured from our natural resources, this is free enterprise capitalism that benefits every participant. And this is the difference they do not want us to see.

We have to get rid of the Federal Reserve and its phony debt dollars and start operating with currency based in and representative of our natural resources.  This is how we regain control of our natural resources and how our natural resources start making us prosperous again.

Make no mistake; what these international elitists want is for our only jobs to be in extracting our raw resources and shipping them to other countries.  This is in fact at the bare roots of how 1% ends up with 90% of our wealth.  In short, the rest of us are getting 10% for removing our resources and giving them to the filthy rich.

This is exactly what the international elitists are doing around the world.  This is how they take a country rich in resources and leave its multitudes to starve to death in a third world hellhole.  This is what the elitists want for the United States and this is why we must destroy them before they destroy us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. 20% is too goddamn high for an across the board deal. Obviously, as you said Henry, the disadvantaged gets the shaft. Better off just taxing on any goods bought. The pricier the toy or item bought, the more you pay. Find a way to prevent tax cheats from buying offshore and bringing into the states.

    1. Yes, Mark…seems simple doesn’t it? First we’ll need to get representation of the interests of the people….then…uh….oh! I know!!! We draw up something…we could call it a list of rights or something….then maybe some sort of document outlining what the role of government will be…you know…what they can and should do and what they shouldn’t and can’t do…and we could form a new nation…let’s call it …uh…how about America….The United States of America! Yeah…that’s it…oooo…I think I’m onto something here! Waddya think? We could say something like….for the people, of the people and by the people…do you think I’ve maybe gone over the edge here?

  2. Henry,

    In asking myself what should be so difficult in creating a fair and recovery-effective tax code I realized that what is first and foremost in this process is to define the goals it should be designed to accomplish.

    Gee…now THERE’S a no-brainer!

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