10 thoughts on “The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future

  1. Video is WAY too long for my internet airtime.

    Does he even mention ANYTHING about the WHITE slaves, who were mistreated FAR worse than the blacks ever were?

    Probably not.

    1. Yes, he mentions white slaves but the video was too long for me too so I don’t know the extent to which he spoke of white slaves.
      He makes the point at the end of the video that slavery was never about race, it was always just a matter of finding out where in the world you could find people to buy, and it was always different people at different times in history. He also makes the point that it was/is always the TPTB who are responsible for slavery and no one else. In the American experience that would be the Crown and the Jews.

      He said nothing of the treatment of the Cavaliers and Presbyterians by Cromwell and Charles II and focused instead on the Irish. White slaves were indeed treated far worse than any black slave was ever treated. The White slaves were political enemies so it didn’t matter to the crown what happened to them.

      Nowhere in the Bible is slavery condemned or admonished but we are told to treat slaves humanely. The South was a Christian nation. The black slaves of the ante-bellum era lived in better circumstances than most lower class whites lived in England.
      This nonsense of slave owners brutalizing their black slaves is ridicules. The black slaves were expensive. Brutalizing a black slave would be comparable to going into your garage and banging up your jaguar with a crowbar. It just wasn’t done.

      Wanted to add—–the plantation economy existed on the basis of trade and barter, not usury. The bankers could not stand this and could not advance their plans till the plantation economy was destroyed.
      That is why there was a “Civil War”, to destroy the plantation economy and make way for the Fed. Reserve Bank of 1913. The War between the States had nothing to do with slavery as a moral or racist issue.
      When the South was defeated America ceased to be a Republic.

      1. Wow! Thanks for the info. Evergreen. Even I didn’t know about a lot of what you just stated. Learn something new everyday.

      2. Just to expand on the reason for the Civil War. The international banksters wanted to split this country in two separate ones. They would have installed a central bank in each, and then done what they’ve always done: start wars between them, fund both sides’ war efforts, then loaned each one more money to rebuild. Had that worked, they would have attempted to break each one down into even smaller countries, and repeated the process.

        The only REAL winners in any wars are the banksters. Win-win situation for them every time.

      3. Are you trying to in some way suggest that slavery is acceptable in any form?
        Comparing a human being to a car, I find repugnant.
        If you are suggesting that the Bible says it is okay to enslave people, maybe you need to be enslaved and raise a family as an enslaved person, and then get to stand idly by as the master rapes and abuses your children, as his or her property.
        I think you need to clarify your position.
        I’ll be watching the moderated comments for your reply.

        1. Henry, the African slaves were forced on the American colonists by the Crown. The colonists did not want the slaves and when they were first unloaded in America the colonists protested strongly. Thomas Jefferson even wrote laws stating that it was unlawful to buy slaves in America. Slavery was a huge profit maker for the King of England and no one was allowed to interfere
          with his flow of filthy lucre. In the strongest words possible the King made it clear that colonists could not write laws that contravened the Kings Laws and to do so would lead to arrest. The colonists then started seeing Red Coats in America.

          America was created by Christians. These Christians followed the Word of God. The entirety of US civil law (till Talmudized in the 1960s) came from the Mosaic code. Nowhere in the Bible
          is slavery condemned. Nowhere!!!

          Does that mean that slavery is acceptable? No. That is why more Americans were letting their slaves free after the Revolutionary war than were slaves being purchased.
          In the early 18th century, after America had gained her independance Thomas Jefferson and Robert Finley started an organization to repatriate slaves back to Africa:
          This program had the support of most Americans and the newly formed US Congress contributed $100,000 to this effort. $100,000 in non-fiat dollars was a whole lot of money in those days.
          The idea of the program was this: raise money to reimburse slave owners for the original cost of their slaves, train the freed slaves to farm, then take the freed slaves back to Africa, help them set farms in Africa, and replace those African slaves on the plantation with paid laborers from England.
          This program worked but it was a slow, arduous process. This program was still in effect when the North attacked the South in the War Between the States.

          Slavery in the islands was different than slavery in America. In the Carribean the slaves were treated quite harshly. In the East the Muslims treated the slaves horribly. I am speaking of slavery in the ante-bellum South only……..and no,African slaves in the anti-bellum South were not brutalized or mistreated. The abolitionist propaganda was all Rothschild funded to whip up false moral fury in order to destroy the anti-usury Plantation economy.

          In America it cost a lot of money to buy an African slave. Then they were fed, clothed, sheltered, taught English, Christianized, and medically cared for. Slavery was an expensive proposition. In the ante-bellum South
          many, many slaves were treated like members of the family. Look at the Founding Fathers treatment of their slaves. Look at the Confederate Generals and their treatment of their slaves. The slaves were hardly brutalized.
          The statement about taking a crowbar to a Jaguar was hyperbole, a figure of speech, in order to demonstrate that it went against the slave owners interests to brutalize his slaves.

          Should I be made a slave? If I lived in England during the time of Cromwell or James II I most certainly would have been
          Henry, the Bankers won the War Between the States. The Bankers also won WWI, WW2, and every war since. We are all slaves now.

          1. There is most certainly mention of slavery in the Old Testament. I think Moses led an enslaved people out of Egypt, did he not? And even if you want to dismiss the Old Testament, the very concept of free acceptance or free rejection of God must stand post to freedom of thought.
            You address me as if you believe I do not know history. I assure I do.
            I guess bottom line is, maybe there is no specific mention of the absolute wrong of slavery because maybe it is supposed to be a no-brainer. Wasn’t it the Sermon on the Mound where Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”?
            I guess it is just like everything we are facing today when one of our innocents suffers persecution. It is on us all because we allowed the condition to exist.
            It is not all right to own another human being and to try and justify such by saying I treated him or her well as opposed to how another slave was treated is pure bullshit.
            I know all of us in our ancestry, that is unless we are among the psychopathic elite, were enslaved. Again, I do not see how this contention adds anything to your argument.
            It is never okay, under any twisted reasoning, to enslave another person. It denies free will. It is not enough to be well treated when you are absent your free will, your right to yourself.
            I don’t know exactly how the slaves of the early United States were treated because I was not there, though I do know they were of all colors, but to try to make comparisons to justify any portion is reprehensible.
            Maybe we should go ahead and accept our bondage, so long as the communists promise not to treat us any worse than the black slaves, which according to you pretty much had it made, except for being slaves.

  2. The ‘jews’ have been the main slave-traders for centuries.
    They used to go behind armies in antiquity, and capture the left over defeated populations and auction them.


  3. Slavery in most jobs is over. Machines have became so eficiant that a human can not produce enough to feed himself. Let alone turn a profit for the Master. What jobs are left for slaves are disapearing in all industries. Even in places like Cambodia it takes a skilled laborer to turn out a saleble product by hand and feed himself and family. True there is the sex industry and illegal that inslaves those who he lives amongst to suport them for free. But today even in Africa and such a slave is set free as they can no longer produce enough to supply there own food and are considered a loss to there owner in manual labor cost. To be free to starve on there own in the world.

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