The Unforeseen Consequences of the Don Sterling Story

Freedom Outpost – by David Risselada

As we witnessed the media spectacle that was the Don Sterling story unfold, there is an element of the story that is going completely unspoken. Everybody realizes that there is an elusive, slippery slope involved. If they can “ban” a basketball team owner from his own team after having his privacy invaded one day, what can they do to someone else on another? Make no mistake, Mr. Sterling’s privacy was invaded, and in my opinion, this is a perfect example of society being willing to give up their own privacy rights, for the sake of argument, in favor of slamming someone they detest. Little do they realize that someday, someone will detest something they, or someone they love, might say. Will the same rules apply then? As disgusting as Sterling’s words were, he still has the right to privacy. The fact that this conversation was released to a media outlet is as detestable as Sterling’s comments, in my opinion. If you disagree, wait until it happens to you.   

All of this is beside the bigger point, however. There is a larger agenda at work here, and it is one that is quite alarming. If all you do is watch the main stream media for the endless, mindless dribble that ooze’s from the mouths of paid propaganda artists, you will never see it, even though it would be right in your face. You see, what we have here boils down to something this simple: one man, because of his views on race, was publicly stripped of every right he had and the property he owns. His reputation has been destroyed and people are willing to cast him aside as a leper because he, in the privacy of his own home, made some unpopular, and yes very, disturbing remarks.

Based on some of the other evidence I am about to present, I am going to argue that the agenda is to get people to accept that this can happen to anyone who expresses views that the left can misconstrue as “racist.” After all, President Obama unarguably goes out of his way to blame everybody that disagrees with him as a racist. Is this what we face, a public opinion trial in which our property is at stake?

These are not uncommon questions. They have been discussed at length by many radio hosts today. As I have said already, everybody understands that there is indeed a slippery, slippery slope involved here. What nobody is talking about is how this agenda item ties in with others like “white privilege education.” I write about this quite often, but as a reminder, this leftist indoctrination method seeks to discredit American culture by claiming that racism is embedded in the institutions and that the “white male” dominated power structure has a built in system of discrimination. It goes on to claim that blacks and other minorities cannot be racist because they lack this institutional power to discriminate. Diving deeper into subjects like “critical race theory,” we see that children are being taught that blacks cannot be expected to fairly compete in our constitutional system of governance because of this “embedded racism.” Finally, “white privilege education” seeks to teach young children that all white people, because we enjoy the privileges and benefits of a system designed exclusively for us, (as if we don’t believe the black man should be free) are guilty of systemic racism. To sum it up, white people are racist because they are white, period.

Keeping this in mind, even if psychological conditioning wasn’t on top of the agenda list, (even though it is because we are dealing with communists here) what would happen to our country in ten years if all the people who had been conditioned to believe white privilege suddenly decided to treat everyone the way Sterling is being treated, all because they believe, through their left wing indoctrination, that everyone is racist? (If you don’t believe what I am saying about white privilege, I urge to scour your children’s school books, you will find it.) All of this suddenly puts a new twist on things, doesn’t it? It wouldn’t be so alarming if we didn’t have a president who accused everyone of racism simply for disagreeing with him.

If all of this isn’t bad enough, we actually have a racial grievance industry that is dependent upon a population that thinks they are victims of racial injustice. Just recently, we witnessed to what extent the diabolical left is willing to go to convince young minorities that they are victims. The head of the EPA recently gave a speech to young blacks, urging them to advocate for stricter regulations to combat global warming because, get this, black children suffer from more pollution than white people do. If that is not a deliberate attempt to convince a group of people that they are poor, oppressed victims, then I do not know what is folks.

That, my patriotic friends, is why the events surrounding this Don Sterling story are so alarming. It involves a whole demographic of people who are being taught they are oppressed by a racist white majority. They are becoming fed up with this fabricated oppression, and demanding change they can’t comprehend. All in this one incident, we see a man deprived of his property and stripped of his rights because the things he said hurt a few people’s feelings.

I don’t feel the need to condemn the man because in all reality, he condemned himself, and I know I am not a racist man. I was disgusted by what he said. I am equally disgusted that there is such a huge effort on the part of radical leftists to convince young minds that all white people are racist, especially when you consider the truth about the racist past of the Democrat Party. A new precedent could very well have been set today, and that would be one where people, out of a sense of outrage can strip a man out of his constitutionally protected rights to life, liberty and property. If you support this, then you are a fool because it’s only a matter of time before someone detests something you say.


7 thoughts on “The Unforeseen Consequences of the Don Sterling Story

  1. What we say in private is our business and whoever we say them to. The sheep at large have no right to know or need to know. We all say some things in private we would not say in public. And we have no idea of context or sub meaning.
    What we in public is for public consumption. And we still have the right to say what we think or feel no matter how others may choose to perceive it. that is the essence of having the ability to speak and form our thoughts into words.
    People are so sissified they cannot call a thing what it is, or voice a negative opinion or statement.
    I just hate living in a kindergarten.

  2. When this story first broke the news said that the woman had a bunch of recordings and if sterling didnt pay up she was going to release far more material some of which is worse than “dont bring black people to my games”.

    This continued for a few days and all I could think was “lets string up a guy for saying something that sounds very far out of context while we overlook that extortion and black male are both criminal activities. Where is the woman now? Ill bet she has not been arrested. Perhaps it was legal in that state to record audio of a person in their own home but it is not legal in any state to require compensation for not releasing damning recordings of a business man.

    Now I couldn’t care less about some rich jew or basketball. I couldn’t care less of a plastic surgery riddled half-ling. But if you can get arrested for recording a cop in public and posting to the internet than surely what happened here is a crime. of course it is overlooked because in this country if you speak out about a skanky looking freak faced minority female than your a sexist racist. And if you speak out about a racist jew than get on the anti-semite express.

    1. I about fell out of my chair, NTB, at your second paragraph: “. . . . .extortion and black male . . .” – – I thought this was only a half black fe-male???

        1. Oh man – I thought you put it in there on purpose – in that piece; it’s hysterical from four directions.

  3. I still think the media was all over this just because he was a rich Jew telling the truth about Israel…and NO ONE, not even a Jew, is to be allowed to tell the truth about Israel!

  4. Oh one more thing
    Sterling isnt white. he is jewish. They call themselves a separate race so…

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